Fairphone 2 Ubuntu Touch - whatsapp

Just finding anyone out there running Ubuntu touch. So far its great.
Trying to work out why the camera is not connecting (i had issues when powered by android)

Also the Whatsapp app is not responding, i beleive is an unofficial app but seems other have it working on there ubuntu touch. When i load the app it goes black, then shows the logo, then a white screen with a circle spinning around and a loading bar that gets to three quarters of the way and thats where it stays.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Which app is that exactly?

IIRC all Whatsapp apps in the open store are web apps and require to have an official app running somewhere else. Like when you use web.whatsapp.com in a browser on your pc it needs WA on your phone.

If you had problems already with Android, it may be hardware-related (try to take out the module, clean the connectors and plug back in? try another module?)

But just to be sure: do you have the new camera module? Because it is supposed not to work with Ubuntu touch on FP2 right now, except if you install the new Halium (7.1).
More about this on this thread:

Maybe I’m missing something or something has changed over the last couple of months where I didn’t have time to play with UT, but the new camera modules are supported in UT since spring or summer 2018.
What did not work was the flash (I think that’s what’s now working in the new Halium 7.1 port) and there is or was a problem that the selfie camera produces upside down images.

But I can say from my own experience that both new camera modules worked for roughly the last two years.

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Well, I know that you have been testing UT for some time now, so I would trust you more than me! Especially since I am currently testing UT on a Nexus 5, not on my FP2. The idea is to see how it works and if it works well enough to use it as a daily driver.

What I wrote was a summary of my understanding of the post mentioned above. I saw that there was first a problem with the new camera module, but it might have been only with one user or it might have been related to the build (the Halium 7.1 based port). Checking the issues for the “regular” Halium 5.1 port on Github, I see now that it has been fixed since December 2017 (https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/232)… Sorry for the misinformation!

About the flash, if I understand well…, I think it can be fixed not only with the Halium 7.1 port, but with the installation of gst-droid on top (https://forums.ubports.com/topic/3257/how-to-test-gstreamer-droid-based-camera-support-in-ubuntu-touch-for-halium-7-1-based-port).

But as said, I didn’t test anything myself, I just read the topics about FP2 to check the evolution of the port.

thanks for that ill have a read and try take it out.

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