Fairphone 2 touchscreen suddenly freezes

That’s far too long. I guess your e-mail just slipped through …

As you seem to have a major issue, I suppose you’d get a replacement phone as soon as support recognizes your problem. Instead of waiting for an answer, you could call them, which usually turned out to be a lot faster and less complicated than e-mailing.

Hello, I do the same like you, because also on my FP2 the screen frozes, especially when I want to use it, when the battery is charging.
But I’m very happy with my phone, it’s the only little problem!! :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, as I had already figured out, an older 0,7 A charger is the villain.
  2. Now I have tested a while and I think the proximity sensor issue might have been it for me too. I think it became better after I wiped the screen, but the problems didn’t go away. Then I removed the protective plastic from the screen, which I enjoy keeping on for as long as I can on my new products. Since then I haven’t had this problem. Thanks for the pointer Johannes!

I regularly have the frozen screen problem and tried the multiple solutions offered gracefully here on this forum. i wonder why for instance putting the screen off and on and off and on would solve this. because this suggest bad software/hardware combination. I wonder why opening and taking off the screen would solve this; Hardware problem. And even worse suddenly the proximity sensor roars its ugly head again. Oh, why not blame it on the charger, this would give us another couple of weeks trying to figure out what goes wrong. For your information: to the outside world I still blame Google.

My phone works again (for the time being) after beeing repaired and getting a new display. It took several steps, which I want to share here.

I wasn’ t able to use my phone at all, since the display did not react to any touch.
Rebooting (taking battery out), taking the display off and put it in place again did not help anything.
I sent an email request for repair which was not answered within a month.
I finally managed to talk to the support at the phone (the person was very friendly, however there was no comment or apology for not reaction to my email which was definatly received…).
I received a check list via email to which had to answer to confirm that the problem cannot be solved by myself.
They sent a return code and a link to the express courier to pick up my phone.
Phone was picked up and send to the repair center. After approximately one week, my phone was returned!

Gladly, my data is not lost, although I wasn’t able to make a backup with the screen not working.
Now I am looking forward for a second chance with my FP2 :relaxed:


Hey there,

I’ve just received a fresh FP2. Updated it to latest version.
From time to time, the phone seems to freeze (stops responding to touch screen touches, but the animations in status bar go on). I have to put the phone to sleep and wake it again to make the screen work again. No restart is required, luckily.
Anyone with similar problem?

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Yes, see above (I’ve moved your post to this topic).

This doesn’t seem to be the same problem, since no restart is required. Just putting it to sleep and waking up fixes it.

Some other report the same behaviour in this topic:

Unfortunately this isn’t case for everybody.

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I see. Thank you. With me it also seems to be charger related (I tried 2 so far, name brands, no luck).

I was in the same situation and now expecting my FP2 back from repair tomorrow or saturday. Your answer still gives me some kind of hope :slight_smile:

So occasionally my screen just completely stops responding. I can press the “locked” screen button on the side, and then try to slide the screen up to enter my pass code. The screen doesn’t respond. So I turn off the screen/lock the screen (call it whatever you want, pressing the button on the side), turn the screen back on. This time I’ll get as far as to the pattern pass code. Then it stops responding again. This happens every now and then, but if it does happen, it doesn’t stop messing around for a couple of hours. It’s a real pain in my gluteus maximus. Any one else have this problem?

Don’t really know in what topic this belongs, so please guide me if you feel the need.

I’ve moved your post to this topic, as some of the descriptions match yours.
(Though for most turning the screen off and on again doesn’t seem to help, so there may or may not be different underlying causes)

I have the same problem as you. The touchscreen stops working, and its driving me crazy. Right now, its happening almost everytime i’m using the phone!

My only fix is to to push the power button, but sometimes I need to do it two or three times, before the touchscreen works again.

I hope that somebody are able to fix this (software, I guess) problem.

Kind regards

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I have the same problem, randomly, but not so often. After one reboot everythings was always ok.


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I’m in the same situation… Should I call support service?

I have this problem too. I have contacted support because this problem is very annoying and I cannot keep the phone if this continues.
If no one is answer my call, my phone is totally blacked and locked and I cannot end the call. Same when we are hanging up - my phone is black and locked until the other one ends the call and with that does my screen comes back and responsive again. And it is really blacked … answer to nothing (not even the power button for more than 15 s) less than taking out battery … which of course i VERY annoying. Today are many companies and authorities answer machines where one is supposed to give all kinds of information but I cannot do that since my phone is totally unavailable

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Since the update to 2.2.8 I experience similar freezes. There were no such problems before the update!! Sometimes the phone completely freezes when the screen is off and the only way to get it back on is by removing the battery.

For me it looks like huskers said. Before Software update no screen problems. Now, some Weeks after the update for two days lots oft trouble with screen not responding. Scrolling seems not to work properly anymore. Once even the screen freezed in negative color look including the status line. Only help was New startup. Quite annoying AS this takes Quite some time.

Same problem for me, but no negative colours.
On a little positive note, @huskers: keeping the power button pressed for +/- 15 seconds also reboots the phone. So there is no need to take off the back cover every time.

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