Fairphone 2 touchscreen suddenly freezes

I have the same problem and still wait for a reply from the FP support team.
(emailed them 3 weeks ago. An auto response stated that replies can take up to 8 working days which already seemed long at that time…). Also, their hotline seems to be blocked all the time.

Can I just send my phone back without contacting the support? I guess you need a return form or something.

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It took me over 4 weeks to get a reply from support. But I did get one.

The same thing has happened to me. I have not been able to make it work again even with many reboots and battery removal attempts. It just will not work any more.

What was the outcome? Will they fix or replace it?

Well. My phone works now. At least on that count. So no need for replacement or fix here. But I have a new problem, probably with a proximity sensor, so we’ll see about that one.

Hello all
When you encounter this problem, is your phone plugged in ?
It happens to me when my phone is plugged on the USB charger. Say, for example, when the alarm is ringing in the morning… so I can’t stop it…

The only way I found to fix it is to first unplug the charger, then switch the screen off then back on. No need to reboot, but as long as the USB is plugged, it stays unresponsive.

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If this problem only appears while charging, I think you should change your charger or at least the cable.

Thanks, but I have to admit I’m tired of hearing this advice.
I read on this forum that a good cable and charger were needed, and I invested in a good charger AND cable. And now I still need to change it ??

I could understand that the FP2 needs more power than older phones, but I don’t see why we should have BUGS with some chargers ?

Side note: there’s a whole topic on unresponsive screens during charging:

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Thanks a lot, i looked at that thread, and that’s exactly what happens to me too !

same problem here.

I somehow had something similar even though it hasn’t been as bad as your issue. My FP2 sometimes freezes, when I have to enter the PIN number of my SIM card. But the only thing I have to do is to switch the screen several times on/off and after a while it works again.

Another issue is much more annoying: sometimes, when I am reading something (without touching), the screen content slightly moves up and down. This drives me crazy because you feel so dizzy after a few moments. Does anybody have heard about that issue?

Hi all, I am also still waiting for a reply from FP to my request sent via their website some weeks ago. Telefon is also not working. For a company which transparency is such a high priority… it is so far quite disapointing… Right now, I just want to send my phone (I gave up, it is in a box since weeks, since there is no it works properly…) and get my money back, is that possible?
They can let me know in 3 years when they have made it work… I was happy to support the initiative by paying in advance, waiting for the phone… even accepting some tech issues, as long as they provide good service… but I think my patience is gone now…
Anyone got the money back?

In my first weeks of FP2 use this issue has bugged me numerous times as well. A quick screen-off by the power-button did the trick every time. Hopefully this will be resolved in the future.

Same Problem: I use my FP2 for 5 days now, and this morning it happened for the first time that the display did not respond anymore. Could start my FP2 and see the blue screen. When the screen wanted to disappear and the light became less because I did not anything with it, and I touched the screen, the light became more visible again. So the Screen is still sensitive but nothing more :frowning:
But when I press the start button to either shut down or use the flight mode or to reboot, the screen does not let me react, thus it is not sensitive at all.

Tried to call the support hotline several times, seemed to be busy.

Will send a complaint because I do not want to have such an expensive device which does not work properly.

I have the same problems:

  1. Freezes after first touch while charging with some chargers. (Solution: unplug and press power button twice to turn off and turn on the screen.)
  2. Freezes at random times and I can’t wake it, although sometimes holding the power button for a long time lets me restart it. Just now it froze during a phone call while I was leaving a message on the answering service. After a few minutes when the machine in the other end ended the call the phone woke up again. During this time it reacted to nothing I did, including holding the power button for a long time. The phone was plugged in to my computer in USB charging mode (which so far has not led to problem 1) but it has also been freezing when it was not plugged in. I haven’t yet tried dismantling it and putting it back together.
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There’s some more discussion on this in the topic below, and there may be some improvement when software update is released.

Sounds like the same issues as are discussed here:

I had this problem now a few times, after a while the display bugs out and scrolls uncontrollably up or down, even if i just hold my finger still pointed at the middle of the screen. For example i use the chrome ap and scroll down, suddenly it scrolls by itself way up and even opens links or pictures i didn’t want to open.
It happens suddenly, becomes stronger with time and even after rebooting it doesn’t allways go away.
It usually happens when i used the phone for a while, i assume it’s connected to heating up.
At some point certain aps become useless (my Deutsch Bahn ap at one point, when i wanted to show my train ticket, unfortunately wouldn’t work properly anymore)

The same thing (I think?) happened to me, so frustrating! Ultimately my screen has gone all static and I can’t use it… waiting for a repair… sorry to not be more help!

Time to leave a comment here myself. As far as I’ve experienced, fairphone seems to underestimate this issue - or why is it that I too am waiting more than three weeks on an answer on a simple support request?

I have had similar problems as described here from day one. Now over a month has passed, several attempts & hours of work invested in getting the phone to work - but it is just not usable.
Here the protocol of my latest attempt after letting it sit for two weeks with fully died down battery, inserted a new SIM in slot 1, charge at usb for 30 minutes and unplug.

I start the phone. I am able to use it perfectly fine for a while. I use that time to adjust the touch&hold setting to medium since that had been previously suggested. I try to answer a few of my 400+ whatsapp messages that I am not able to access these days. Aaaand - after what I believe is a very distinct amount of time since switching the phone on, it goes wild. Ghost touches appear all over the screen without me even touching it. There may be reaction to my additional touches, but who knows in that mess. Goes on until I de-activate the screen. And from that point on, when trying to activate the phone again I am not able to get past the lock screen because no reaction to my input whatsoever (no ghost touches either).

This is pretty similar to the last couple times I tried. I have no idea why I can use it perfectly fine for some time and THEN it starts getting unresponsive. Re-mounting the screen did not solve the issue, at least not for good.

Any ideas?