Fairphone 2 slow and unresponsive since Android 7 update

Since like 3-4 weeks my FP2 with Android 7 has been slow and unresponsive sometimes. Sometimes when i want to open a app i have to wait for a couple of seconds before the app opens. The FP2 also freezes sometimes and then after a couple of seconds it goes back to the lock screen… Today i also got a glitch when the whole FP2 rebooted itself…

The first weeks when i got the FP2 update it worked fine, is there a way to get it working better again?

, Jurgen Rotteveel.


I have the same issues. It happened right now ! I was writing and the screen stopped responding. I had to wait 1 minute.

Plus sometimes it crashes, the screen gets all black.
Sometimes the battery gets sudden completely empty.

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The same happened to mine. I thought it was my phone card and I change it and still happens. Also I have lost the tools display that used to appeared on the top. It is quite annoying.

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I really feel for you.
Tbh. I have not updated yet, as I had the feeling, that the Android 7 update might still have one or the other bug.
At least your problem has been added to the official bugracker (or so it seems) just 4 hours ago:

I really hope for you there will be some bugfixes soon.

When a quick fix seems unlikely:

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You must be kidding. Is this the only way out?
I noticed that I can’t even update apps… what a mess!
I don’t feel capable of rebooting this phone from a pc.
Thanx anyway.

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I wouldn’t go that far … but it is a possible way out.

A smartphone is a computer. What would you do with a PC or notebook behaving that way after an OS upgrade?

It’s also been flagged up here:

Same as others in this thread, I’m really really hoping there’s some solution outside of a pretty major reset!
Anyone finding anything to work or help?

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Well, I restarted the phone and everything looks and sounds ok… but i keep some of my information on the mini sd card thinking that it was a safe place and… the phone does not recognize it, the pc also. :frowning:

Saw that just recently (somebody with a different phone, not a Fairphone 2) … taking out the card and putting it in again could perhaps help.

Did you choose to incorporate the card into Internal Storage, or did you choose to leave it as external storage?

In case of Internal Storage only your phone can read the card, so a PC seeing nothing useful on it would be normal.

In case of external storage … that would indeed sound like trouble.

Any given data is only kind of safe with a backup somewhere else.
Storage and memory technology can fail you at any time.

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I have learn… :slight_smile:
I am going to try with a friend’s that have Android 6… keep informing…

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