Fairphone 2 rear camera (FP2.5) 12 MP

What product(s) are you selling? I accidentally received the camera module for a fairphone 2. It is brand new in its original packaging.

At what price are you willing to sell it/them (fixed/negotiable)? £20+ pnp

From where would you be shipping (country or city)? UK

Photo(s) of the product(s) (if it is a phone, please include a photo of the phone switched on displaying the current date):

Other, remarks:

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, you will have to be a basic user on the forum. Reference about how to become one and other trust levels can be found here.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

I’d recommend you clarify if this is a 12 MP camera module or an 8 MP camera module. They are easy to distinguish, the 12 MP one (big photo) has a thin white horizontal bar between flash and camera lens on its outside, the 8 MP one (small photo) hasn’t:

Thanks I’ve edited it appropriately.


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