Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

Great!! I ordered at the begining of January so next week or the week after I’ll receive my fair-phone, to be fair it has been a long wait. :slight_smile: looking forward to have it in my hands.


Just want to say thank you to @anon90052001, @Douwe and all from Fairphone for the great work. I have my FP2 for about ten days now and everything works flawless.

And like @Raoul1219:

… and was worth waiting for.



Ordered in november, received yesterday
My colleague ordered in january, received today :slightly_smiling:

His box was also opened and scratched, obviously by the customs.

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keep us in touch, ordered mine the 8th of october, i raised also a ticket on support.

It seems to be the best way to call them directly instead of raising a ticket of support because there are so many it will take very long. On the phone, they can immediately take a look at what has happened to your order! :wink:

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Hi there! :slightly_smiling:

As a former FP1- and hopefully-soon-to-be FP2-owner, I’ve been following this forum for quite some time now!

I am so looking forward to holding the phone in my hands …
I am happy for everyone who already does, however, I have to admit, reading that orders from mid-december or later have already been delivered makes me a bit nervous. With my payment received on 1st of december, the status is still “prepare batch”, I did not get any emails on delivery nor on the black cover issue … I really hope that everything is going alright, since I badly need the phone by start of next week. :confounded:

By the way, in the meantime, I really like the blue translucent cover better than black matte, so if I am amongst the people who are concerned, I would not be mad at all! :smile:

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Well, I paid for my FP2 on October 2nd and haven’t heard anything… Not even from support, where I raised a ticket on Feb 12…
So THAT is worrying…

Did you call?

Hi Yukeli,
I’m in exactly the same boat as you are: ordered and payed for two FP2’s on october 6th, no news yet. Order is still on ‘Prepare batch’. Sent a support ticket last week, no response.

I’ve been eagerly checking the delivery blog for updates. They stated two weeks ago that delivery has become more reliable so they changed updates to once a week…

Please Fairphone, since delivery is in fact very unreliable for the early october orders, keep us updated! As a company that values transparancy so much, this is not the way to treat your customers. I’m very supportive of your design goals but right now you’re not exactly living by them…

Hello, just like @HappyMe i just received a phone call from DHL.
It seems the phones ordered in October are being delivered right now so wait for it this week.

Dear @Pieter83 and @Yukeli, I am very sorry to hear you still haven’t received your Fairphone 2.
I nudged our support team to look into both your cases as soon as possible. When I hear back from them, I’ll send you a message.


Cheers Douwe, eagerly awaiting your response.
I don’t mind waiting a little longer as I understand you’re a bussiness in development with ambitious goals, but I do mind lack of communication about delays.

This week, we are continuing to ship phones paid for in November 2015.
Just had a talk with the support. My phone ordered 29th of november will be shipped with\in the next two weeks…

Order Date: September 30, 2015
Satus: Prepare Batch
Received today without tracking mail and with a blue translucent instead of a black back cover. :slightly_smiling:
Does anybody know whether there is a code or something so that I am able to order the black cover I originally buyed? I didn’t receive an email concerning this.

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There should have been an e-mail, maybe it went into spam? Someone else also missed the e-mail, but the gist of it was repeated here ~20 posts up:

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:relaxed: I received an email from fairphone that my phone is on its way! Yeay, finally!
As information for others: payment received 1st of december. Status is now “complete”, was “prepare batch” until yesterday.
Now I am very curious as to whether is will be blue or black …


@Douwe @Pieter83 My phone finally arrived yesterday. I did not receive any Information about shipping or tracking info (and yes, I checked the spam folder). Also, so far no reaction from support - my ticket from Feb 12 remains unanswered. I do hope my phone works…


Reading this thread gives me good reason to believe my order (placed and paid for on the 7th of January) might not arrive for a long time still. Is there any kind of prognosis for orders placed this year?

I respect your business, concept and transparency, and I’m really looking forward to owning a Fairphone, so I won’t complain about the delivery time.
The problem, however, is that the phone I have now is in such a terrible state that it’s practically unusable (spontaneously dies, restarts, loses coverage, swollen battery etc. etc.).
Like most people I need a working phone for work and more, and this places me in a dilemma. Either I buy a cheap “Unfair” phone for temporary use until my FP2 arrives, which in part would defeat the entire purpose of buying a truly smart (Fair)phone, or I can wait patiently with a phone that feels like it could start leaking battery acid or explode any second now…

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There’s a weekly update from the folks at Fairphone here. This week’s update on when phones will ship:

Updated: Wednesday 24 February

This week, we are shipping orders which were paid for in December and early January. Owners who ordered in these months can expect their phones to arrive this week or early next week.


Thanks! Sounds great :smile: