Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

Maybe they add some goodies to the people who have to wait longer as estimated.

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I see a lot of explanation and information in this topic and on the blog.

Sure, there could always be more information. But keeping in mind FP is a very small company with very little experience, I’m amazed at how much information they are able to deliver. Every piece of information means people have to stop working on the production/delivery/… issues they are working on!
It means someone like @Douwe has to go to them, ask them. They have to stop working on whatever they are doing (mostly: trying to get our FP2s shipped as soon as possible) and investigate. After that, they can come back the person asking, who can then finally spread the information to the forum or the blog. Seems like a waste of time to do this with every question asked over here…

Personally, I presume they are trying to filter questions. The most important (for me) got answered. And I prefer a little bit less information on every detail, if it means a little bit faster delivery :slight_smile:


Hi @holger1st,

I’m offering you a personal apology for the delays in production and the delay that was caused when the back covers arrived later than expected at our distribution center. Since we’re a crowdfunded project, we don’t have time to build up stock between production and delivery like most companies. Thus this uncomfortable time where shipments are later than expected and clear information is hard to get, especially during the holiday period.

The latest delivery news is that around 400 phones have now been shipped with black matte and black translucent back covers. Another 3,200 will ship out next week with black matte, black translucent and transparent back covers.

If you are upset with your order, please write our customer support, you are welcome to a refund now or up to 14 days after you receive your phone. We don’t want you to be unhappy and understand the crowdfunding process can be difficult.

Hope you have a good holiday season!



Hey, any way (at all) to get the delivery address changed to another country?

I ordered when I still lived in the U.K in July, thinking it would be here in October. The after the first delay I expected my parents to bring it to me after I moved to Sweden in November. Then it was delayed until December and I thought I could get it at christmas. Now its been pushed back to January, any chance I can rearrange the shipping address to Sweden so I don’t have to wait until February?

Best to write the support team on that one, here you can send a message.

@Joe I ordered a blue transparent cover. Is it now definite that my phone (number 140) will arrive in January?

Hey @Jack_Hayman, this issue has been discussed a couple of times now and it seems like there’s nothing one can do about it… Thats’s also why my own Fairphone arrived yesterday - in the wrong country! And I won’t see it until some point next year… :’(

You can always try the support as @anon90052001 suggested, but I’d be very surprised if they tell you something different.

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Counter on Fairphone homepage is at 316 now. At the blog Fairphone stated that 400 devices were shipped. Why is there a difference?

Nothing ever is!
But the way I understand this:[quote=“joe, post:184, topic:11149”]
The latest delivery news is that around 400 phones have now been shipped with black matte and black translucent back covers. Another 3,200 will ship out next week with black matte, black translucent and transparent back covers.
at least 200 phones of every ethnicity (color) should be shipped out by next week so with order number 140 yours should be one of them.

Where did you get the information that every color will shipped out next week? The latest information I have is that the blue covers aren’t available yet. As long as the blue transparent covers aren’t available, his Fairphone won’t be shipped.

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Oops sorry, I totally misread that. I just counted 5 colors, but didn’t see that Joe wrote black matte and black translucent twice.

For me thats the last order - waiting since October and delivery now in January. I ordered so early , look at my number is under 3000…exactly 2897 this was in May 2015. Sorry, that’s to long ! Now i order a new Chinese Phone and will offer my Fairphone on eBay .Happy New Year and wait and wait and wait and wait!

Would it be an idea that in the future FP3 would be shipped with a voucher that you can use to 3d print a back cover? That way the back covers could be even more customizable (my boyfriend would have loved a green back cover even more than the blue matte cover). And it would be much easier logistically I think.

(like @MC_Nacktschnecke I am learning to be patient while waiting for our two blue matte FP2’s, which is sometimes very hard :blush:)


It was a preorder. You always knew there could be delays. Also, it does not make sense to buy and sell on ebay, you can more easily cancel you order and get refunded!


I think here is a difference between “be shipped” (have left China and/or reached the distribution center) and “be delivered” (have reached the customer’s home). English is not my native language though, so that’s just a guess. Maybe some native could clarify?

From Twitter I got “Hey Mr. Q. Black matte covers are first and Blue matte is last. What happens in between is still uncertain.”

I appreciate your transparency about the shipping / delivery dates. I wish that someday your providers / partners will also get the same transparency with you, so your estimations will become a bit more accurate. I can’t blame you for giving me the information that you have and that I want. I hope that these delays won’t affect you too much. This is not some Chinese “crap” (I mean, this is Chinese good stuff :wink:) that I’m waiting for. I can wait.

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Thanks @douwe! Have you any information you can share with us?

Again, I really don’t mind waiting (it goes with the project being crowdfunded!)–but it would be really appreciated if we could have a little more background information on why not all back covers were available on time. Perhaps you weren’t able to start producing them until the phone itself had reached the 100.0% final design status? Or maybe you had started production in time, but had a major production problem that caused all blue covers to become unusable (so you had to throw them all away)?

I can only guess… because you are not telling what has happened! :wink:

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It looks very likely it will be in early January, but I don’t know because I am still waiting on information about the delivery dates of blue back covers. Any day now, I expect to have more information about the blue covers. Happy Oud & Nieuw!

Yes, as discussed in other posts, the only way to change your delivery address is to cancel your current order in the ‘old’ country and make a new order in the ‘new’ country. There are different taxes associated with each country, and I believe it is difficult/impossible to change the invoice but I’m not positive about that, best to talk to our support team.

Douwe is taking a well-deserved holiday this week, so I’ll be taking over on forum duties. I’ll try to get more information for you.


Today, I think the Fairphone team wants to make a surprise as the counter is still stuck at 350 (as it was at the days before) and there is still no update in the blog. I am very excited as I wait for today’s shipping numbers.