Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

And live vertical video on https://www.periscope.tv/Fairphone/1lDGLYbnqgbJm right now.

Update from the Verge. Nothing new at all, but nice bit of coverage.

There’s an update in the production and delivery blog. Only 1000 phones are expected to be shipped to owners before the end of the year.

:cry: No birthday present to myself on the 2nd of January.

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How many devices are planned to be shipped in January? Until when does Fairphone plan to ship all 17418 special edition phones?

Tip for all buyers who don’t get their Fairphone 2 before Christmas or their birthday: It’s an Easter present! Hide not only chocolate, but also the Fairphone 2. It’s a big surprise for the presentee if he/she finds it. And when he/she doesn’t find it: Let it ring!

@Douwe Ironically, the first Fairphone2 that’s being sent apparently has a blue matte cover… :yum:

Anyway, I don’t want to whine about the delay that’s caused by the non-black covers–I’m confident all will be fine eventually. However, I’d like to understand what has led to the current situation. On 29 September, we all had an email about what colour we’d like our Fairphones to be. In that same email, 16 October was announced to be the last day it’d be possible to change the preferred colour. So, what has happened after 16 October that has caused non-black covers not to be available on 21 December?


There’s an explanation for the blue FP2 that could be seen in the video in this post.

:blush: To be honest, my statement in comment #85 about live video coverage was just as a joke, but it’s fascinating that people get excited about goods being packaged in a warehouse.


Hey @rbeuker, I can try to get you an answer; currently I do not know what caused this delay.


I was also hoping to show my new Fairphone to my family at Christmas dinner and as some of you I really need my new phone as soon as possible. I am borrowing the phone I am using from a friend because mine is dead. Yet, I also choose a Fairphone for what it represent (in my opinion a change in consumption habits), this change demands patient. I am willing to wait :wink:


140 Fairphones shipped as of now (2015-12-13, 00:26).

Fairphone’s plan as of now (according to @Douwe here) is to ship all 17418 special edition Fairphone 2’s before end of January.

Some weekly estimate (how many devices will be shipped per week) would be helpful as I still don’t know when to expect my Fairphone 2. I only know it will be “sometime in January”.

Is there any way to estimate when a delivery would be made for an order placed right now?

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How did you work your delivery number out? I have no clue what my delivery number could be, I only know oder and invoice number :frowning:

Delivering 17200 between Christmas and the end of January amounts to an average of 3,440 per week. However, it’s unclear when they’ll reach full production as they’re still gradually scaling up.

You could guess they might deliver around 1000 in the week after Christmas, which would then leave 4,050 each week in January?

*Assuming 200 are delivered before Christmas.

It’s all very confusing - I believe we all got 2 or 3 different order confirmation emails. Only one of them includes the delivery number*. Here’s mine…

*Although of course after the back cover debacle this number is now pretty meaningless.

In the mail I got this line is missing (pictures enabled and everything). I even tried opening the mail with different programmes :frowning:

But the subject of the mail I got is “receipt xxxxx for order xxxxx”, but a pdf called invoice is attached…

Did you order your Fairphone 2 in the pre-order phase (before October)?

Nope, I ordered October 19.

New update.

200 phones already shipped. 200 more (total 400) shipped before Christmas. These are ones with black matte and black translucent cases.

After Christmas, more 3200 phones (3600 phones in total) should have arrived at the distribution center. Then black matte, black translucent and transparent orders are shipped. The blue matte and blue translucent orders have to wait even longer.

I’m curious if my phone will be still shipped in 2015 as I’m number 3773. But it will definitely not arrive in 2015.


I never cared enough to get to the bottom of this, but I never found my delivery number either. I placed my order towards the end of the crowdfunding phase when different back colour options were already available. My guess is that delivery numbers–like the shop counter–were tied to the black matte cover and could no longer be assigned to orders since the other covers came along.