Fairphone 2: Problem after update

Hello everybody,

first of all, I have a Fairphone 2. Yesterday or so, there was an update available for my Fairphone 2 so I decided to do it. The installation of the update took a bit of time but it went until completion. Unfortunately, the end of the update was concluded with a black screen and the android robot on the floor with the text “No command”.

In the Android recovery mode, I chose the following commands “Wipe data/factory reset” followed by the commande “Reboot system now”. The problem persisted. I tried to do a manual update using Windows but my laptop would not recognise the phone. I am now clueless on the next step, I guess I have no choice but send the device back to the company. Any other tips?

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Hi Yann and welcome to the community forum!

To make your Windows computer (I assume it’s Windows 10) recognize the phone in fastboot mode you can follow this tutorial: [HOWTO] Fairphone 3/3+ stuck in fastboot/bootloader mode with the Easy Installer on Windows - HOWTOs - /e/ community

It mentions FP3, /e/ and their easy-installer but the underlying driver problem affects all phone OSes and ways to install them.

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Sounds similar to what I had - more info in this thread if it helps.

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Hello Ingo, thanks for your quick and informative answer!

First of all, I have installed successfully the driver mentioned in the tutorial. I did an extra test with an older smartphone connected to the computer, the computer recognized without problem the smartphone. However, I was not so lucky with the Fairphone 2, it is still not recognized by the computer… Any tips on how to further proceed? Thanks for your help!

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Is your phone in #dic:fastboot mode when you manually try to flash the system (or try to check if your phone is recognized)?

I think so. I chose the option “Reboot to bootload”. I then had access to a black screen with the printings “FAIRPHONE” + “POWERED BY ANDROID” and a blinking blue light.

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I am seeing two other interesting options in the Android Recovery menu: 1) “Apply update from ADB” and 2) “Apply update from SD card”. Because my device is not recognized by the computer, I am kind of blocked to use the first option. How would work the second option?

You put the sd card in your computer, and copy the update file (I guess a *.zip file) on the sd card. Then you put it in your phone, start the recovery and update with this second option.
Hope this helps!

I will give it a try! Thanks for your help

First I need to find a way to transfer the update file on the microsd card. I was thinking to do it with my old phone but somehow I have big difficulties to connect it to different computers…

After a bit of effort, I managed to transfer the zip of the upload to the microSD card via another smartphone. I placed back the microSD card into my Fairphone 2. I then chose the option “Apply update from SD card” in the Android Recovery menu and selected the zip file. It started the installation but procuced the following error messages after a few seconds:
“(…) / E: footer is wrong / (…) / E: Signature verification failed /E: error: 21 / Installation aborted.” Any ideas on how to solve this?
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Sorry, non, I don’t know. Perhaps @AnotherElk has an idea?

Might be some driver conflict with the older phone then.