Fairphone 2 Open OS is available

I’m only for two days on FP Open OS 16.04… My Wifi drops the connection from time to time, no regularity discernible. It’s the same setting as before (always on and so on), and other devices on that SSID show now problems. From logcat I can see a cumulation of

after some of those messages the WLAN connection gets dropped.

Also, I noticed the following line in logcat:

Anyone else has the same effect with WLAN on FP Open OS 16.04?

I was hoping to be able to backup my phone to the SD card from the bootloader, but it complains about not being able to mount the data partition (which is encrypted). Is there any way to simply backup the partitions, without having to mount them? I’d actually prefer the data to remain encrypted.

Otherwise this release has been working very well!

Thanks. Creating another Google account to run Raccoon worked on one computer. But when I tried to use it with Raccoon on a different PC I have the same isssue again.

Titanium Backup is available from apkmirror.com or from the developers site.

This is the direct link for the latest version: http://matrixrewriter.com/android/files/TitaniumBackup_latest.apk

No idea! Sorry. You could describe your error in xda-forum. There is a thread about it:

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I don’t know if I have the same errors in code but my WiFi gets disconnected from time to time even when the signal is strong like 60-80%. There is the exclamation mark issue again as in FP OS 1.7. Not sure if it’s the same issue like yours…

I think that’s the same issue. But as I’m using tasker to switch wlan off if disconnected from my home network (on the assumption I’m leaving home…) I don’t have the exclamation mark

I am using a similar application called “Smarter Wi-Fi Manager” which saves the approximate location of my WiFi via UMTS location. But when I am home it gets the exclation mark.

I’ve lost track. After the 1.3.6 update, which source code branch of FP2 Open OS is now available at http://code.fairphone.com/?

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I don’t know about the sources but there is a new release since today:

FP2 Open 16.05.0 includes all the fixes found in Fairphone OS 1.3.6. Further, we added a Setup Wizard to fix the time issue on first boot and it is now possible to use the unified location provider.


There are no download links on code.fairphone.com yet, but the Updater offered 16.05 to me and the update went well :smiley_cat:


True. The last time I checked, the code (= all the different gits you pull with repo) on code.fairphone was not matching the code/fixes included in the released binaries. But I’m too lazy to check any longer. If a howto gets posted on how to checkout the code that matches a release, good. If not, I just have to way. Not a big problem for me right now.

I have the same problem as you… Would you like to explain to me what is your solution because I dont understand “I long hold/click the zipped folder” because it seems impossible to find Updater and to open the applications…

I tried to install the OS os (dated 16.06) using the OTA method but it failed, apparently because I have a more recent update of the “regular” OS on my FP2…
Is there a solution?

I think this issue will probably solving itself automatically when the new version of OpenOS (16.08) is released.


Have a look at this:

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Thanks for your replies @freibadschwimmer and @Stanzi :slight_smile:

I had a look at this discussion…
The latest OS version (1.5.1) arrived late June, so I guess the corresponding OSos (16.07) will come very soon now…

Happy Sunday, fairphoners!


Actually 16.07 is being skipped and 16.08 will come soon:

Just publishing the code would help, so people would know what is going on. That’s the main idea … of publishing the code in the first place. It is doesn’t compile, people can help fixing it, talking about it. There’s not a lot of sense in publishing the code once the rom is released.

Maybe there is such a repo somewhere, but nobody ever explained the whole process. Too busy, I assume.

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