Fairphone 2 Open OS, any updates left?

Hello community,

does anyone have official information or an idea regarding fairphone’s plans to keep the FP 2 Open OS updated?

I am aware that focus now mainly lies on FP 3, but I suppose there still are a lot of FP 2’s out there working finely and requiring more frequent updates.

The last update came out half a year ago:

Fairphone Open 19.11.2
December 2019
Checkup, Hiccup



@rae, @lorahaspels:

A good question, as Google themselves stopped security updates for Android 7 since November 2019.

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No, take lineage its Android 10 already and works well

That sounds quite bad :see_no_evil:

It’s not as if there are no Android OSes for the Fairphone 2 which still get security updates.
LineageOS is Android 10 currently, /e/ is Android 9 currently (preparing Android 10) … Users who prioritise timely security updates are already running one of those, I guess.

And Fairphone themselves are on their way to bring Android 9 officially …

A new version based on Android 9 seems to be in the works. (See this blogpost.)

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