Fairphone 2 hardware extensions


My name is Dirk and I will be developing a lot of fun and funky, usefull and completely useless stuff in the future for the fairphone 2.

For your reference: I made this, this, these, this, this, this and even this. And maybe some other stuff too.

I will be logging some stuff here and here.

In terms of projects: I will be taking it slow and easy at first, then gradually increase the complexity of the projects. Simple projects in the early stage will have to fund the development of more complex stuff.

First order of business: getting a fitting 3D printed casing. This one almost fits. Need two/three more iterations to get to final form, then you guys can order.

Second order of business: strapping this nuclear disaster to the back of the phone. Ever used the flashlight of your phone to look for something in the dark? That experience will never be the same again.

Third order of business: wouldn’t you like to know?!

I do not know if I will be selling in my own webshop, will be directing it to the fairphone webshop or maybe even going for some crowdfund thingy. We’ll see how it goes.

For you to do:

  • get excited about your unique phone (should be the case already)
  • get excited about turning it from a rectangular slab into something crazy
  • read this topic
  • discuss whatever below and please express your interest (for me to gauge)

I claimed the second post also, will come in handy later.

Nice power supplies. I guess they can easily do watts as well! :slight_smile: Some people here were thinking about something like a video/photography light here in another thread. What can you tells us about energy usage? And how do you want to avoid lights and camera getting too close (lights enters the lens directly). Do you have ideas for that already or isn’t it a problem at all? Thanks for being so … enthusiastic and good luck!

Hi !
This look super interesting !
But, just to be sure, the 3D printed case is going to replace the “original one” ?
Anyway, it’s great to have someone like you for this kind of stuff :smiley:


Awesome news! The other half keyboard looked great.

I would really like a different less protective case in a nicer material to slim the phone down a bit.

It will drain whatever it can, it is to be used for short periods of time

Good point! Will do some tests when I have the first proto and maybe include some lightguard in that direction.


Was plannig to do some tests on a case that does not extend in front of the screen, but don’t put your hopes up too much. The phone is just big.

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Thanks for that. I’m happy with a big phone, but I don’t really drop phones and wouldn’t normally use a case so anything to make it a little bit smaller would be great.

Uh-oh. Not sure. I think it would be better to limit it, but maybe that’s just my personal preference … Yes, normally in this setup, you want the light coming from “behind” the lens.

Hi @Dvl why not introduce yourself here? :slight_smile:

I have a question: Can you earn a living with the phone extensions you are making, or do you need to work somewhere else too to survive?

I have for a long time, but now I am doing a lot of non-phone projects. Very busy with building my skill-set and getting payed projects.

But I prefer building completely useless crazy stuff for an awesome community. Think of something crazy to make, build two prototypes, throw it out there, get positive response, build a lot of them, next project. Way more rewarding, just not in a financial way. Lets see how it all pans out!


Wireless charging would be at the top of my priority list.


As far as I know uses wireless charging more energy then normal charging.
Therefore it conflicts with my FAIRphone. @Jerry How do you think about this?

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Yup, consider 30-40% loss total in conversions. Practical yes, efficient not so much.

Also, complex and expensive circuitry. I will not make it.


I like the idea of a solar panel in the back, if it don’t increase too much the already big dimensions of the phone

Wouldn’t know, hadn’t heard about this before. Makes sense though, that it’s not efficient.

Was thinking of this too, but then I thought of my WakaWaka power light and I realized that it only works well enough if you really put it in direct sunlight, which is something you wouldn’t want to expose your phone to on a hot summer day.

Wireless charging is also discussed here.

My top priority would be a keyboard similar to TOHKBD. Is Fairphone 2’s backside connector very different from Jolla’s one? Would it be much work to make a Fairphone 2 hardware keyboard?

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Please discuss all Solar related stuff here.

Solar is stupid idea on a phone, if you want to know why, go here. Which is also the place to discuss it :wink:

USB host vs I2C. Different story al together, but generally USB is easier. Lets see how some simple projects pan out, then we’ll talk complex stuff like keyboards :wink:


I actually like I2C for the fact that you can have multiple system with one port :smiley:
Is there an easy way to do it with USB ?

Also, my top priority would be NFC ! :smiley:

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1 extra chip, no problemo.