FP2 Extension Port pinouts?

Does anybody know if the Extension Port on the Backside of the FP2 will be avalable for the community to develop addons? Are the pinouts going to be public some day?
Regards, Novski

There are people already on it here on the forum.

Is this the information you are looking for?


Oh my god! this @dvl seams to be some kind of superhero. :grinning:
there are even eagle files premade already since 4 Months!
Regards, Novski


Glad that you found the information you were looking for.

Do you have any exciting plans with the extension port?

Ler me know if tmyou need help, will be updating my github soon

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it yust out of interesst. I read about that connection in the blog. I think the ideas will follow… :joy:
@dvl, Thanks. I will.

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