Fairphone 2 does not power off when running LineageOS – Help required

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By old/new camera do everyone mean the main camera ? Does anyone experience reboot with the new front camera/top module ?


Good question. I can’t tell for sure, because I’ve got both new modules.
Looking at the poll I’d guess the issue is with the main camera, because this is (as per my perception) the most-often changed module. If the issue was with the selfie camera, the result would probably be less clear.


We might be able to tell. Because without the new camera modules, the device is also able to encrypt phone the same way as if it had the old module. The reboot problem could be related to that.

I still got the old modules, so I can test all (AFAICT) 9 configurations:

  1. With both NEW modules (Already tested. In my case: cannot encrypt, device reboots. EDIT: encrypted my phone, device still reboots. All other tests were done WITHOUT an encrypted phone. Ie. after all tests, I used the old modules to encrypt the phone.)

  2. With both OLD modules (*) (Tested, device halts)

  3. Without modules (*) (Tested, device halts)

  4. With NEW top module (**) (Tested, device does not start, will retry)
    Without bottom module

  5. Without top module (**) (Tested, device halts)
    With NEW bottom module

  6. With OLD top module (*) (Tested, device halts)
    Without bottom module

  7. Without top module (*) (Tested, device halts)
    With OLD bottom module

  8. With NEW top module (**) (Tested, device halts)
    With OLD bottom module

  9. With OLD top module (**) (Tested, device halts)
    With NEW bottom module

(*) These are all possible dupes.
(**) These are also possible dupes.

The most interesting use case is #4 and #5 or #8 and #9.

PS: I did not verify all hardware works. So we need more data for sure.


I changed only the main camera. So my feedback is:

  • with NEW main camera and OLD selfie camera -> reboot !
  • with OLD + OLD, no reboot…

From what I understood here, users with NEW main camera and NEW selfie camera have reboot too :slight_smile:

What could be interresting to test is OLD main camera + NEW selfie camera?


My encrypted FP2 reboots with LO regardless of what camera module I use. I had the reboot bug with the old camera and I have it since I replaced both modules. The phone was wiped and freshly installed twice and the bug is still there.
And just to exclude another configuration variety: I used a rooted LO in the past and my latest LO installation is not rooted - no difference.


I use a different one:

  • Install EFIdroid. Even if the multiboot solution doesn’t work right now, it add an extra booting screen where you can shutdown your device :slight_smile:


It depends. I’ve got the new camera module and sometimes it does reboot and sometimes it doesn’t. I thought it would be a microG/tingle thing. Because often after upgrading, if I didn’t “tingle” my phone immediately it didn’t reboot but started after tingling…

At the moment I run the latest LOS nightly build without tingle and it doesn’t reboot.


Meaning your phone shuts down correctly when you choose power off?


like a joke, since yesterday evening it doesn’t shut down correctly, it reboots again after shutting down…


My rebooting FP2 with new camera is also encrypted.
Another bug: After installing an update of LineageOS their are always some starters missing in standard-launcher.


After the latest Lineage update (lineage-14.1-20180220-nightly-FP2-signed) my FP2 with the new camera doesn’t reboot anymore when I switch it off.

I was too quick. It worked for once. Now it reboots again.


Looking at the changelog, it would have been very surprising.

@Douwe Could you mention this issue to the developers at Fairphone? Maybe they had similar issues when integrating the new camera into FP OS and can give us a hint?


I have this issue as well. Never noticed until I read this thread. I guess I never shut down my FP2. Maybe removing the battery is a good workaround for now.

This issue has never occurred in GMS or Open, according to our dev team.


I have the reboot issue with the new camera moduls as well. I get a update every week and I wonder wether anyone is working on a solution or just a workaround.

Some days ago had the absolutely worst case of this issue: My akku was completely down, so the device switched off itsself and tried one reboot after another, until I took the akku out of the phone to prevent it from damage.

What’s about FPOS? Is it the same with Android 6.1? I think about returning to it only because of this bug.



One post above yours, actually …

Remember that LineageOS is not officially supported.

@Douwe Are there known cases of hopelessly bricked Fairphone 2 because of boot/ reboot trouble?


not that I am aware of. But in this case I would advice installing Fairphone Open or Fairphone OS and see if the bug is gone.


Sorry about unprezise grammar. I was afraid to brick my Akku, not the phone.


Thank You for the Link to the workaround. I think I faster get out the battery.


It still does not work. Current LOS version.



The bug is not fixed yet.

Even “better” … it’s an Android 7 thing it seems … they have it in Fairphone’s Android 7 beta, too.