Fairphone 2: Crazy touch inputs (touchscreen issue) - workaround (for some): increase touch & hold delay

Sim card is new and a proper mini sim, no cutting needed.
I have no SD card.

OK, was just wondering. I was having a lot of random reboots and they were SIM related as they have stopped since I took it out. Waiting for a new SIM to arrive to see if they come back or not.

i had about 3 since dec 29…

Glitchyness seems to have stopped now… No idea why but indeed I did reboot the phone a couple times and it seems to have solved the problem.

Anyway, now I’m happy :smile:

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I had this problem once when my phone was charged to a 100% and still plugged in. Now, it just happend again. The batterywidget on my lockscreen said that my battery would last for minus 2 days. Now the widget says a normal time, and the glitching has stopped.

I had the glitches too. Rebooting didn’t seem to make a difference. Changing the Touch & hold delay (settings -> accessibility) from short to medium made sure the glitches don’t occur that often. Changing it to long made it even better, but the long delay for long presses was frustrating…

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For 2 weeks I am the proud owner of the fairphone2 and have had the glitches from the start. Cant really reproduce them, I have the feeling that they were more frequent in the beginning. Not sure if I need to report this to the support team, or if this post is enough?

Thanks anyway for the great adventure you guys are embarking on. I am very curious where the next year will bring you.


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I also had these glitches, especially when I moved icons around in Nova Launcher but setting the Touch & hold delay (settings -> accessibility) from short to medium made these glitches disappear so far…

EDIT: It does reduce the glitches but they still sometimes occur


This works for me, I included it as a workaround in the first post. Does anybody still have problems even with this workaround?

Yes I do. The worse one I have is that the screen stops responding altogether and you have to press the power button to lock and then unlock before it will work again. I had to do this loads last night. The glitchynes isn’t as bad as it was though.

Ok but that sounds like something different. I’d guess an app that runs in the background causing this.

The response I got back from Support when I raised the issues sounded as if this was part of it.

To clarify, this is what I described to them:

1.) When scrolling through something the screen starts moving up
and down very fast as if its being touched somewhere else. I’ve noticed this in
the swipe right menu, Firefox and when scrolling through the settings. Also
when using two fingers to zoom in to something, it started darting around. It
makes the screen unusable for a period of time

2.) Playing a game a few times the screen has stopped accepting
inputs for a few seconds, locking and unlocking the screen seems to correct

3.) After a reboot for a few minutes while in the lock screen
the home page was flickering through the lock screen. Not that easy to explain
but on parts of the screen I could see my wallpaper/apps behind the lockscreen.
It was flickering in and out quickly.

And this is the response I got:

Thanks a lot for your

"What you describe are known issues in the software and all related to the same
problem. Sadly enough in the first update the software team could not yet have
resolved this. It is something that sometimes happens, but not always. This
makes it hard to find the cause.

It is expected that this will be resolved in an upcoming update. When this will
come exactly we don’t know yet.

My apologies for the inconvenience."

Re-reading it, I hadn’t noticed that the fix isn’t going to be in the first release.


Hi Jon,

you received a response from Support?
I have several open Support Requests I created before Christmas, and have not received any response yet.

Hi, yes I heard back in a couple of days for the touchscreen issue. I contacted them about an order and that took a lot longer.

same here

Hi @Jon1 and @jpderuiter,

The support team is working on an article of all known issues that we plan to publish this week. So in this article we should have a status of the bug and if we plan it in the next update or in the future.


Thanks Joe. If the touch issue isn’t going to be fixed in this update where do I stand with returning the phone in the future? I know I can send it back now but I’d rather see what the plan is for a fix. My concern is that if I find out, outside of the two weeks that they can’t replicate the problem and the fix date is uncertain, I’m stuck with it.

Separately I don’t think the workaround in this thread genuinely works, I just think that for some people the problem hardly ever happens. I’m not sure who changed the thread title but I think you should change it back. Sometimes the moderation on this forum is a bit heavy handed.

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Some strange behaviour (including accidental zooming etc.) for me is solved with this thread:

Try it, it improved the overall experience of my FP2. Just re-enable the privacy impact (Settings->Sounds & notification-> privacy impact). Apparently this solves some of the ghost touches and a lot of misbehaving applications.

According to the other thread: this is a known problem and should be fixed in the next update.

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Does that only work if it is disabled in the first place? Mine has always been enabled.

I’m afraid so… if it’s enabled my suggestion won’t do you any good. Sorry.