Fairphone 2: Crazy touch inputs (touchscreen issue) - workaround (for some): increase touch & hold delay

Usage of electronic underwriting not possible, I think because of hypersensitive touchscreen.

App: inSign (available in google playstore) App does work without problems on more than 5 different other smartphones (android 4.1, 5.1, 6.0).

@holger1st the hypersensitive touch screen is a known bug and FP is working on fixing it, but haven’t found the root cause yet. Please try the workaround described in the first post and post back if it doesn’t improve your situation.

I just wanted to add that my FP2 also has the random hypersensitive issues, which is similar at times to quickly sailing across the screen. This occurs occasionally but when on charge I have to constantly lock the phone and unlock for it to stop.

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Same for me, much worse when it’s charging especially from low levels. It is also the only time that I’ve experienced that the screen stops working as previously reported in this thread.

Yes, I can confirm that while charging my FP2 the touch screen is unusable due to touchscreen hype sensitivity. The touch locations are way off making it impossible to type the lockscreen pin code.

I am honestly a bit disappointed, that this bug still isnt fixed. Recieved my FP2 today and got the same issues


Thank you for the video. This bug really looks annoying! Is there any progress on the fix for this bug?

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The root cause isn’t found yet:

Same problem here. Workaround did not help. It is worst when I try to rearrange icons or widgets on the start screen. But sometimes even unlocking doesn’t work because of this “jumping”.

I have found out that the issue almost disappeared when I installed twilight, and set the touch delay to “medium”.

A little note though : you’ll have to disable twilight if you want to grant root access or install apps, as given it adds an overlay to the screen, the lower right corner is not “touchable”.

Same for me. Workaround does not help

+1 , does it on my FP2 as well.

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I also have problems with my oversensitive touchscreen. Only when I am charging… So when I need my phone, I have to unplug it and afterwards plug it in again…


I have the same problem - I’ve had my Fairphone for less than 3 days and the touchscreen is jumping around all over the place, making it pretty much unusable. Was the product not tested??

Same for me. Workaround does not help, Especially using Firefox.

To anyone having this issue:

In my experience of two FP2’s, the first it was a regular problem and made the phone almost unusable at times to the second one where it hardly ever happens and is a minor annoyance. It clearly isn’t the same on all phones so I’d suggest sending yours back if it is in the first category.

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I’d like to add to this, that before you send it back:

  • discharge and charge your phone a few times
  • try the workaround
  • and obviously try while phone is not being plugged in

If then it doesn’t still make the phone almost unusable it’s more likely to be the software bug than a hardware issue.

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Indeed, I don’t want to cause a mass return to Fairphone. Obviously contact support first and see if they can help, plus follow the steps above ^

Just to confirm my share of experience the same as most people.
BUT, on my FP2 there is a clear coincidence while charging. Immediately after removing usb cable jumping and shivering of every content on the display vanishes !

Even while plugged on e.g. while charging I can push the power switch only for screen lock and after getting back to live with display also the restless touchscreen calms down for a while. Yes, while beeing plugged on it returns for sure. When plugging off all crazy movements disappears like a charm. Now I am not sure if I still need to test on hardware issue as described . The proposed procedure for discharging looks more promising. But after the problem seems to be unique to most of concerned phones I guess I don’t have to until FP people offers a solution. Also I have to stress that this issue is really annoying and should be on the 1st list to be solved.

As I don’t have my phone yet, I still can add the experience with many phones, that some chargers cause issues to the touch-input. In probably most of the above mentioned cases we get no information regarding charging.

Please state if the issue is there, while NOT charging.

And I see good chances that a different charger causes no issuse.

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