Fairphone 2: Crazy touch inputs (touchscreen issue) - workaround (for some): increase touch & hold delay

My FP2 has started doing that today as well, but with the right hand side, and the number 3,6,9 on the lock screen. The phone is basically unusable now

I have used the kids paint thing. I only did vertical lines. the red and cyan horizontal ones you can see on the right hand side were entered by the phone itsself

Hi, I got this message from another user. Have contacted Support today…

| cryptonomicon
January 31 |

| Contact support to get your display module replaced. This is a common problem. I got my new display module within a week, and now my phone is finally working properly again. |

Thankyou! I have done this today…

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I wonder the same thing. Did it help to disassemle and reassble the phone?
Mine has been to reparation once (with the solution that the screen was loose and then fixed) But now, some weeks later, it shows the same manner again. It’s not able to start it because the screen is flickering and when I try to enter the pin code nothing happens. Somethings numbers that I did not press with my finger becomes visible on the screen. Like it is living its own life…

@ingrid I moved your post here as the other topic was quite old.
Please try disassembling your screen yourself. The FP2 was designed to be taken apart easily by the user, so you wouldn’t have to seek professional help for every easily fixed issue.
If you have never taken the screen off it might be hard the first time in which case please check out this post.
Try cleaning the connectors and then reassembling the screen. This fixes lots of touchscreen issues.

I have the same problem as everyone else.
I have a fairphone 2 up to date, I tried the work around but It doesn’t work, I disassembled my screen but it doesn’t work better. Also, some “keys” on the keyboard are sometimes not working (far right of the screen, work when I turn the screen, weird)

What now? Should I contact support to get my display module replaced? How do I do so ?

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That’s this issue:

Both issues indicate that the screen is defect if cleaning the connectors didn’t help.

Before you contact support go to Settings > Maintainence > Free Drawing and draw on every part of the screen you can reach. Make a screenshot and send it to support.
You can contact them right here:


Thanks for the swift response,

I did as you said and am currently waiting for support response.

It’s becoming unbearable as I cannot even turn on my phone without the screen messing with my SIM card identification… Hope they answer quickly

If they don’t, then give them a call.

Just another one here with this problem. Opened a ticket with support.

Is there still no way to deal with this Problem beside hold delay and send screen back?

@paulakreuzer which contacts do you mean we should clean please? I want to check that you mean the 3*10 matrix on the back of the screen. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, and the counterpart that is connected to it if the screen is assembled.

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Sounds crazy but mine is working again. I dissembled the phone and cleaned the connectors before with no result.

Shortly after I wrote my +1 here, I started to play around with Ubuntu-Touch and SailfishOS. First I had the same problems (couldn’t set an alarm clock for example, because the minute scrolling switch was in the not responsive part of the display). But what shall I say, it got better from hour to hour. After some testing I decided to go back to Android, because of some missing Apps I need, and flashed stock 1.11.1 and did an OTA to 1.12.
The whole display is working fine at the moment and I closed the support ticket.

My Fairphone 2 is behaving really strange, it happens occasionally: the display shuts itself off, shows distorted image or the touchscreen ceases to work at all. A few times I’ve had to restart it by taking out the battery. Is it a hardware issue? What can I do?

@F_k_Google your post was moved here to avoid duplicates. You do have additional symptoms that can be found in other topics, but the possible causes and solutions are the same anyway.
Try to #disassemble your screen and carefully clean the connectors. Then put the screen back making sure it fits well (no gaps or loose connection).
If that doesn’t help you’ll need to contact support to get a replacement.

I tried and reassembled the display but there’s no difference. It’s still flipping, translating and distorting the image. I virtually can’t use the phone anymore…
I think it needs a display replacement then, or at least I hope that it’ll solve it…

Over the Winter i had almost no problems, but now when its getting warmer the touch inputs are starting to get crazy again.
The weird thing is that i can still reduce the effect with the pointer Position feature of the developer options. See attached pictures. In both i made a line from right to left

I think i will contact the support

This “Ghost” issue happend to me as well for the last couple of weeks. “Thousands” of fingers started Apps and swiped and …
I couldn’t even shut down my FP2 other than takeing out the battery :frowning:
This came together with a part of the screen becoming numb, when the ghosts didn’t run amok.