Fairphone 2 camera cannot focus

I have also tried cameraMX. It doesn’t solve this problem. I have contacted customer support, but it may be 8 days before they reply. The phone just does not know what to focus on. I noticed on the Instagram page Fairphone say a software update will be made available in a few weeks. I’m not sure whether I’m prepared to wait. Might be easier to get a refund at this stage, then buy the phone again in the future when I am sure this has been fixed. Shame, as I really support this project. Instagram:

ne@limebean95 this could be fixed with a software upgrade which should come out in the coming weeks. If the problem persists, please get in contact with our support team.

msaugarwhere is the camera software upgrade available? my camera also does not focus on close up objects.

wearefairphone@msaugar the update will be released in the coming weeks

I have the Same Problem with my back camera it isnt possible to focus anything. I Tried Googel Camera, OpenCamera, cameraMX nothing works. Scanning QR-Codes is althoug nearly impssible. My front cam seems to be OK.

I have the same problem… I had to write tones of numbers today because I just couldn’t get a readable picture of text on a paper…

I would say that you have a hardware problem. Yesterday I took a photo with Open Camera of my notebook’s RAM and the tiny letters on the stickers are perfectly readable.

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It is thinkable, that this is indeed due to hardware problem, but that it’s still something that can be countered with a software update to handle these edge cases.

I recived my Fairphone 2 on thursday this week, alles super! Hoffentlich ist das mit der Kamera kein hardware problem.

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Hi everyone!
I have exactly the same problem, I cannot take pictures as they are super blurry. the camera doesn’t focus at a close distance and in long distance it’s better but when you zoom in you see it’s still blurry.
The Zendesk hasnt replied to me yet (asked for support 10 days ago).

I have exactly the same problem. Did you ask to have it repaired?

Hate to just add another “same problem here” to the discussion. I’ve tried several camera apps
including CameraMX and Open Camera. None of them solve the problem. It produces completely useless pictures. How is there no official response yet?

Same for me too. I’ve tried several other camera apps, even tried to take out the camera module, check connection pins and settle it back, but without luck. It doesn’t even seems to be trying to focus. So I’ve created an ticket in FP support 2 days ago and I’m patiently waiting for the reply…

well, seems to be i get one bug after the other…
i had no problem with the cam until a week ago? i realized, that the auto focus doenst work.
i thought, maybe i set some feature like softening to the pictures. then i realized, when focusing, the app gets from “sharp” to “unsharp” and stays there.
maybe its only happening when flash is deactivated, i didnt test it thoroughly.
i second, thats a software problem.

I orderd a new camera-modul and it arrived the next day :+1: I don´t know if it works like it shoud work but for me it´s ok. Now my fairphone seems to be complete. Maybe at the end i will have a second camera-modul on stock :slightly_smiling:

My fairphone seems to have problems with near objects. Not sure if it’s a bug/hardware issue or the camera has a very high minimum focus distance. Does anybody have found information about the minimum focus distance?

Hi Joachim,

did the new module in fact fix your problem? Would be interesting to know as I have a similar problem with the camera here. just sometimes it seems to work and sometimes not at all. :frowning:


Hi Lars,
yes it fixed my problem because with the first camera-modul my fairphone was defintitly not able to focus anything. Here two examples, both made under bad light conditions with the new one. Video an other functions … i don´t know.

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Same problem here, camera doesn’t seem to focus at any distance, other apps don’t help. Selfie camera is fine though.

(default camera app)

(camera mx)

With this quality, the camera is not usable for me.
Oddly enough, among my first few photos, there have been some which are quite readable. I cant reproduce that since then.

I wanted to know how close the minimum focus distance is: 2 Euro on a black background. Well, it seems my Fairphone can’t focus at all :frowning:
The autofocus seems to move the lens only very very slightly without getting near a sharp focus. Oh, and those streaks… :weary:

Same problem. Please, give signs of some official answre. It seems quite a common problem. what do we do?

Hi, I too had the problem with camera focus for near objects. Like Joachim_Schmitt already wrote I too got a new camera-module very fast. Changing the moduls was easy and now everything works great. So maybe it is a hardwareproblem after all but easy to fix. :slight_smile:

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