Fairphone 2 camera cannot focus

I think I’ll go back once more to my FP1…


Better to fix the camera perhaps? I’m sure they will do it for free.

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I have the same problem too, very difficult to focus with the camera :confused:

Don’t apologize. Great photos. Thanks for your contribution!

I could never do such a pic with mine :frowning:

Well. Got my FP2 back from service today.

Good thing: The camera works now pretty good:


This is how i got my FP2 back:

Cover was not put on properly, I guess with brute force - which caused the broken frame of the display module. (Over the left blue bracket, you can also see some traces on the display itself)

So all in all: I had to send in my whole, functioning FP2 instead of only my camera module because of “we would like to diagnose…”. Had no phone for over a week, got it back damaged …

If you assume some frustration here, you might not be wrong.

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Hope support gets back to you quickly about that. They’ll probably be interested to know about the performance of their repair centre…


After reading bfb’s story, I’m glad that I got the chance to replace the module myself. Focussing now works like it should.
I’ve made pictures right before and after swapping the camera.




curious question: how is the performance now with zooming-in on distant objects? (im still waiting for my replacement camera module, should arrive soon). thx in advance for your reply

The Fairphone only has a digital zoom - as most (or even all?) smartphones. No optical system to change the focal length. A digital zoom is merely enlarging a cropped part of the image without gathering more information, so it can only get worse in terms of resolution (and noise, artefacts etc. as these get enlarged, too).

I’ve never used a digital zoom because of the stated point. I guess the digital zoom of the Fairphone is as unsatisfactory as every other digital zoom.


sure, i’m aware of that. however, i experienced something that i never saw with the camera ofmy FP1: once you zoom-in at a distant object, the camera briefly shows the (expected) pixelated magnification and immediately turns to a completely blurred version when trying to focus. that’s kind of weird, right?

Sounds like the interpolation kicks in right after focussing. I’ve just tried the zoom with the stock camera app and Opencamera and it seems pretty pixelated to me. I can try to take a picture later.

I just noticed that everything in my previous post was already mentioned some time ago in this thread, so sorry for repeating.

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Here it comes - beautifully rendered 6.0x zoom with an almost impressionistic touch. In a very dull way…
Tried several times with both Stock Camera and Opencamera.

To be honest…that’s pretty much what I always thought of digital zoom. Of course, it gets better with larger sensors, smarter algorithms and faster processors, but I still prefer optical zoom :stuck_out_tongue:


No response to my ticket so far, so i called them. The employee promised me to get replacement for me as fast as possible as this is a special case (damage by repair center), especially as I go abroad next week and need my phone till then.

Later, I got the instructions:
No, they wont ship a replacement display module, (they dont send displays without phone at all for some reasons). I have to send in my whole phone. Again. No “as fast as possible” anymore. And of course not in time, so my trip will be without it.

So basically I had to unnecessarily send in a working phone for over a week instead of only a module. They damaged it so I again had to unnecessarily send it in, instead of only the module, all after I had to wait a month for response.

“Yours to keep”. Sure.

I am usually not that into lamenting but I really feel twited now. Thx for nothing.

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Strange, i recived my second display this week!
Since i have been contacted first time by the support (request 26/02, reply 18/04!) i made total different experiences.
For example:
"May 2, 15:46
Hello again Joachim!

Thank you for your message.

We are a bit late in sending Fairphone 2 accessories or spareparts, because we are focussing on the new Fairphone 2 now. But it should not be long. Everything is fine with your two orders. We successfully canceled and refunded the back cover of your order. You will receive the credit invoice in a separate email. You can expect to find the payment in your PayPal account you used for the original payment in approximately five working days. As you used PayPal, please check your associated bank account or credit card account too.

Can I ask you why also a Display ? You already had a problem with your camera module and now the back cover. Is the Display okay ?

Thank you for your support and patience!"

I could send you my second display … let me know

I can only repeat what I was told: they dont send display modules anymore. If this is not correct, this is one more reason to … wonder…

Thank you for the offer, but the return is already booked and my FP2 will be picked up tomorrow.


Customer-friendliness looks different. A customer-friendy solution would be that the module is sent to the user, the user replaces the module and then sends back the broken module to Fairphone. Fairphone should have more trust that the user is honest and is able to replace the module.

Basically I agree, I also think that’s how it should be.

That said, I have some experience with replacing computer components under warranty, manufactured by global players and renowned brands. The procedure there was: Send in faulty component, after reception you get a replacement. Option: If you deposit your credit card number you can get a replacement right away, and if it turns out not to be a warranty case or broken item does not arrive, your card will be charged.

So while I agree with you, apparently the industry standard is to first send in a broken device or component, and after inspection getting it replaced/repaired.

Just came back from a three day weekend… and I have to say that I start really to hate my FP2… I forgot my sony camera at home and wasn’t able to get one decent photo over the weekend…

Photos are not focused and are either over or under exposed!!!

So I have a camera that’s not working AND great battery problems and all that with my remplacement FP2… Not nice…

Very convenient also the 3d nightstand, i really love my FP2. Not kidding!