Fairphone 2 camera cannot focus

##Original Post:

Ever since I got my Fairphone 2 I notice it has big problems getting the focus in the camera. Doesn’t matter if I photograph something from the near or more from the distance. Pointing on the display to manually re-trigger auto-focus doesn’t help either.

Has anyone else that issue?

##Root Cause + Solution:

@Npsm found out what is causing this issue (Link to post #136 below; or check here for a guide with pictures).


Did you try cleaning the camera?

Yes, just the outside though.

For people with problems only during video capturing please stay here:

Hi folks!

During this day, i noticed that the camera is not able to focus. I tried the google app and focal. None of them were able to focus. :frowning:
Might this be a hardware failure? Has anyone observed any similar behavior?


my camera also can’t focus subjects in the near. Still eight days i’m waiting for a answer from the support team

For me, it doesn’t matter which camera i use. Both the front and the rear one do not focus.

Same Problem to me, no (auto)focus, not on near objects and not on far objects.

Hope support doesn’t want me to send in the whole phone!? cause I need it, and all Data on it …

Have you reported that issue to the support team?

Same with my phone. Seems to be a common Problem?

@joergpiontek @einBernstein @Christopher_Bojahr @platzhirsch Have you tried the front camera? Does the (auto)focus work?

If not, I suspect it to be a software issue, because I doubt that both front and back camera are broken at the same time.

Yes, I did today, had no time to do it earlier.

I also checked the front camera, pictures seemed also to be little blurry, but I don’t know how “good” the pictures of a that tiny 2MP camera should be … so I cannot judge.

And I think it is unlikely a software problem, because I know FP2 users who can make pretty sharp pics…

Same problem with open camera!

Same problem with the front camera… blurred photos

Sorry, zu kompliziert auf Englisch. Wer sich berufen fühlt soll übersetzen.
Hatte das gleiche Problem. Fotos unscharf, im Video Modus am anfang scharf und dann stellt sich der Focus unscharf und wird gar nicht mehr scharf. Habe mir auf Empfehlung eines FP2 Useres CameraMX runter geladen und diese App ist super. Bilder schärfer, Kamera macht auch die Belichtung besser, einfach ein viel besseres Bild. Habe aber noch nicht die Frontkamera (Selfiekamera) gecheckt. Ergo: Bei mir lag es an der App.

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I had the same problem when trying to read a QR-code, which simply was not possible… the camera just would not focus. The problem seems to be restricted mostly to near objects though.

I have had my Fairphone one day and have only just noticed that the camera does not focus on writing on a page or computer screen. This is EXTREMELY disappointing. Any suggestions?

As Michaila has written I tried CameraMX. The app itself isn’t convincing as the open camera app, but I like the included gallery. But most important: autofocus now works (pictures an camera).

I also download cameraMX. My autofokus doesn’t work… Must i do some other settings?