Fairphone 2 camera cannot focus

Just in case you haven’t found this topic using the search function in the meantime:


Exactly ! I don’t know why i didn’t find this topic before… It’s seems a lot of people have the same issue as me. Thanks for the link.

Thank you so much for this fix!
It was quite easy and camera now works perfectly!

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Hey there, you will also find relevant information about how to proceed in the support article:


Please be careful with doing this.
Opening (and performing self-repair on) modules voids the warranty of the specific module.


Has anybody tried this fix for the video focussing problem??

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Yes I did replace the foam, and now the focus is working great !
So this looks like a factory assembly issue.

Just to be sure, the focus works without issues in videos after the foam replacement?
Because I got a new camera module, which fixed the focus errors for still pictures but I still get occasional focussing errors with video captures…

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Well not at all for video, 1 or 2 seconds after pressing the record button, the focus goes wild and the video is blurry… I think it’s more of a software issue, as the photos are OK

Hi Jochen, I also have the same focus problem with my FP camera. When I try to disassembly the module by following your pictures, I can’t I get to remove the last tiny screw. Did you any special screwdriver to do it? Thanks.

If I remember correctly it was a torx screwdriver… Can usually be found in any medium-size toolkit :slight_smile:

I can confirm this, you also can find them cheap on Ebay (got mine for free with a 30$ replacement screen for my former phone…)

I didn’t know how it’s called, but had it in my cheap “electronic repair” screwdriver set.
It’s a set with 1 screwdriver and a bunch of different bits. This is a cheap alternative on having lots of screwdrivers if you don’t need them daily.

Thank you, I have found it : torx T5.

venerdì, 21 ottobre 2016, 11:21AM +02:00 da Jochen noreply@fairphone.com :

For anyone looking for these there are some here :

Just in case people start reading from the bottom:
:warning: Opening up the modules themselves will void your warranty:


Done it: It works perfectly now! Thank you!

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Thanks, worked great, ~10minutes needed to fix the focus problem

It worked ! I moved the foam a little but it sufficed to let the camera focus freely ! Thanks a lot m8 :smiley:

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