Fairphone 2 Bottom Module UK – can have defect microphone

Hey. I’m looking for a fairphone 2 bottom module much like a lot of people it seems. I’m not really fussed about the microphone (mine broke pretty quickly). My main problem is the USB port now won’t connect so I struggle charging my phone. If anyone has a spare module with a working USB, but a busted microphone I’d happily settle for that.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Jack_Morelli Welcome to the forum.

There are posts about people who have repaired the module,



Thanks @anon9989719 but after reading those threads I don’t think I have the proficiency or equipment for repairing it myself. I really just need a replacement module if anyone has one.

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If you don’t find one, you could try a mobile phone repair shop.

All the best.

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I have allowed myself to edit the title to include your willingness to compromise when it comes to the microphone :+1: This could increase your chances significantly.


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