Fairphone 2 - best UK 4G network

New and having loads of problems… one of which is finding a UK provider whose SIM works for data. Had TPO but that seems to operate on a different frequency.

Can someone recommend whether I should be able to connect with EE, O2, Vodafone, Virgin etc - what works for you.


Maybe http://willmyphonework.net/ will help figure out what should work, though I don’t know how accurate they are. (Easiest would be to choose ‘ALL’ in the carriers option box; you’ll get 4 pages of results). TPO is listed as not supporting 4G, but they do offer a 4G plan (which seems to use the ‘3’ network, which in turn should work) - hence the comment on not knowing how accurate/up-to-date they are.

By the way: this post (that you’ve replied to) also suggests TPO should work, if the APN settings are correct and 4G is enabled on the right SIM.

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I can confirm Three offer 4G data that works with FP2, and I’ve had 3G signals with them in some of the most remote parts of the Scottish Highlands.
Their PAYG plan is very reasonable for low use, they have ‘all you can eat’ data plans for heavy use, and apparently offer free WiFi on the London underground via Virgin with registration, but who would want to go to that shitehole? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cheers for that. I’ll check them out. Chris

Thanks Johannes - I’ll try that again to see if I had made a mistake.

One other question: I can’t get the updater to work at all. I’ve tried
using the installer (it gets stuck at RESTART) and the manual zip download
(it comes up with an error message at reboot) - do you know any other ways
of doing it? My phone resets every hour or so, regardless of what I’m
doing, so I was hoping the update may fix it.


There’s a variety of update issues discussed in the topic linked below, hopefully one of the solutions there will also work.

I have TPO, which works fine with my FP2.

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