Fairphone 2 Battery

Hi, I’m looking for a Fairphone 2 Battery - I ordered one via Fairphone on Christmas Day and owing to Brexit I have still not received it so I am hoping someone on this forum may have one for sale/giveaway. I know that it’s hard to post batteries so if you have any ideas to get around this, let me know. I’m based in York, UK, and could travel some distance to collect if necessary :slight_smile:

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

I’m surprised the order was accepted as international transport of batteries is frowned upon and there’s a lot of paperwork to comply.

Please update if you do receive a battery as it’s a problem for many of the few who want one.

It would seem that Fairphone Shop still showing battery available to UK in 2 - 5 days, so presumably “lockdown” is affecting the supply chain:

I’ve spoken to Fairphone and they got in touch with UPS who said it is a Brexit issue, rather than lockdown :confused:

Not surprised, two European suppliers cancelled my orders and returned monies with December 31 2020 looming to avoid any future hassle over paperwork.

I noted in testing the battery sale, the VAT and Shipping costs were not. stated.
It may be worth reading this, especially example 5 of an item not made in France but from France.

It’s a Fairphone 2 battery I was after and when I ordered it shipping and VAT were calculated, so I imagine this is a new post-Brexit development.

Yes post Brexit, so you may still get a delivery charge? :frowning: Hopefully not :slight_smile:

At this point I wouldn’t mind, I just want a battery :laughing:

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