Fairphone 2 battery replacement

I want to order a replacement battery for my Fairphone 2. To say that I’m disappointed with the customer service is a massive understatement. When I went on the website to order in March, the batteries were available in April, then I went on the website in April, and lo and behold the batteries were not available until May. I have tried to order a battery but I cannot. There doesn’t seem to be a way to pre-order or reserve a battery and I find this frustrating in the extreme. If I’d realised that I was dealing with a cowboy outfit I would never have bought one in the first place, however ethical the idea. The fact is, I’m now stuck with a product that is unreliable with spare parts as rare as rocking horse shit. It will take a great deal of goodwill on Fairphone’s part to restore any confidence I had with them. In the meantime please reply to this with something positive. Oh ,and by the way I still want a replacement battery for my phone, please advise me how I can order one.

Nigel Gawthrope

Just to be sure: This is a community forum, not the company.
Fairphone employees might pop in randomly, but this is not an official channel.
As for something positive … fresh images of new translucent slim cases available now show batteries of the new batch underneath … shouldn’t be long now :wink: .

There were #resellers with the battery in stock when Fairphone were out of stock, but now I’d suspect they ran out of stock, too.

Edit: Memolife have them in stock again …


Perhaps #fairphoneangels in your vicinity could help you out until batteries are back in stock again.

Else there’s the #market .


And just as a reminder.
Fairphone is a small company (even tiny compared to Apple or Samsung) where the phones are produced in batches.
Therefore it can hardly be expected to have a spare parts supply like with global players. Not to mention, that for most of the other phones there are no spare parts or batteries whatsoever. :wink:


Within the forum the additional delay (moving date to may) had been announced (and explained) at:


I have a big problem with my battery for 4 months now. I couldn’t order a new battery all the time. When the phone is being charged and used at the same time the battery is uncharging and becomming very hot. Because I use the phone private and for buisiness I need to be online whole day which is not possible at the moment.

There were (and are) #resellers .

There are hints in the #batteryguide .

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Cross posting this here - Batteries are back in stock:


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