Fairphone 2 accessoirs: docking station

Hi all!
Now I own my fairphone for more than a month and get used to it verv well.
For my last mobile I had a tabletop plastic post or docking station which had a usb connection integrated so I could type, phone, interchange files with my computer and charge easily.
Now I like the accessoire for amplifying the fairphone sound, as this makes the phone stand. However, there seems no charging possible in that nice piece of design.
Has anyone else already a solution for this?

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Hi @marc_bamberg, I moved your post to the #community category, as it is not about electronics or technical stuff.

Yep, I asked for the same thing and it should be possible pretty easy. I hope it will show up soon. The specs are out there.

What about an app that lets you turn the screen upside down?
Then the USB- connection is on top.
Perhaps it is a solution for you.

A Google search for “docking station Fairphone” revealed this:

Or you could try this one from Amazon (they have poor working conditions though…).

These should work with a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth headset.

This one was published on May 9, 2014, so probably it was designed for FP1. Will it fit FP2 anyway?
Ok, probably you can redesign it - if you can… :frowning:

What kind of functionality is needed? Just charging and usb out? Could cook up something if anyone else is willing to pay for dev costs (just materials and parts) as I do not directly want or need one myself.

Hi Dirk,
so I’m not at all sure what costs would come up but why not. Maybe there are more people there who wait for a solution like this.
Anyway a mix of the already available sound station and a plug for the usb connection to the laptop would be the best thing in my imagination. and all made up of that wood style. 3-d printed. wow… dreaming :smiley:

I think of something easy and stable. The idea for me is to “just” place the device on the station … no docking should be needed, it should somehow just fall into place by it’s own weight to get recharged and usb-connected automatically (touching the right spring pins as an example).

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Like this?
I bought it. But I don’t use it anymore for two reasons.
1: My FP 2 Display is very buggy while charging, which is a common problem.
2. I used it over night at first, but since the first update a bright green led is on every time it charges, and I have to lay the phone display down on my nightstand, otherwise it is too bright for me to sleep well.

But apart from that it works…
I wish I could turn the charging led off…

Workaround, just cover the led with a tick piece cardboard or something else.

If it can help, I just wrote something about turning the screen upside down in portrait mode : Screen upside down, portrait mode but USB port on top