Screen upside down, portrait mode but USB port on top

Edit : This post describe how to run arbitrary scrip, with root-user system commands, launched from a graphical desk widget.

This being said, to reach this specific goal (turn the screen upside-down), I prefer the solution hinted by Paul in its 1st reply, even if it’s way more difficult to install GravityBox than to write a one-liner script. GravityBox (for whom like detailed settings) is great.

I recently bought a car cradle for my FP2, to help reading the screen when following the GPS (OSMand~).

It appeared that when in this support and fixation item, the USB port of the phone was not available anymore to keep it powered.

I though : ok, just turn the phone 180° before to put it in the cradle ; but Android accepts to turn the screen orientation in every direction except this one, it’s a software limitation, hardcoded somewhere, you’re not allowed to use the phone with the ear-speaker at the bottom and the might-existing hardware buttons on top (I read somewhere).

I don’t like artificial limitations… Being root on the phone, I learnt that you can temporarily force the screen orientation to the fixed position of your choice (here portrait, upside down) using this command:
settings put system user_rotation 2

Ok but it’s not so convenient to type this command each time you start your car engine…
After some tries I found that turning this command into shell script, ran through Termux, may help in the process: vi
su 0 settings put system user_rotation 2

Here, and despite the versions of man I found for the unix su command, you have to specify that you want to become the 0 user (so root) and then write the command to be executed (not using the -c option switch…).

To get it really convenient, Termux offers a Termux-widget complementary app, which allows to display a list of the scripts present in $HOME/.shortcuts/ as an Android desktop widget.

So here we are, before starting your car engine you now just have to click on the script, and grant the SuperUser privilege, to have OSMand~ working upside down, and keep the phone plugged into a cradle (or using an external soundcard…).

(Still, a question I have is : why does Termux-widget needs so much permission to work ? If someone knows ?)


One can also simply install the Xposed Module GravityBox and in it’s settings “allow all rotations” (or similar).


GravityBox definitively is worth the long way to reach it. Thank you Paul.

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