Fairphone 1 print case


Yesterday i bought a fp1 case from the fairphone website. Well, what should i do now? Should i get in touch with a 3d hub store? Do i have to pay an extra for the case print?

Thanks for the help

See this topic:

Hi your email refers to a query from a year or so ago which is resolved…
Perhaps this was sent in error?

I did put up a new query today… Do you have a response to that?

Thank you!

@Jen, no, what a coincidence! :woot:

I replied to @allesta92, who seems to have the same problem as you had in Nov. '14.

That is a coincidence!
No problem. Well hopefully someone has a suggestion about my need for a
regular fp1 case - the 3d ones are a bit too rigid and tend to break so
after a rubber one or similar.
Thanks for your reply.

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