Fairbuds XL headphones

From the pictures 2 and 3 at https://shop.fairphone.com/en/buy-fairbuds-xl, my vague guess is that there are three tiny holes visible on the right ear speaker’s outside ring (green and NOT speckled), one to each side of the USB-C port and one in between the two buttons (or whatever the pill shape is).
In picture 4, there are also slightly bigger pill shape holes on the very outside speaker covers (both left and right) which might not be microphones themselves, but entry holes for further microphones inside.

EDIT: Update, see reply (at least 2 out of 3 tiny holes apparently not mics)


I don’t understsnd why only the USB-C - mini jack 3.5mm cable is mentioned. Is there any reason why it should not work with a USB-C - USB-C cable and the FP4?

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oh man, they’re so pretty. almost make me wish I didn’t have my XM4s.

USB-C also for music, so I think you can use an USB-C/USB-C cable and wired connect an FP4.
Here’s where I found it:


USB - C to USB - C it’s also supported.
I’ve found this video on Fairphone YouTube channel, where they connect to a Fairphone 4 via USB - C.


Yes, the USB-C feature is very exciting! Unfortunately seems to be a bit buggy in the first release, however, see https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fairbuds-xl-usb-c-bugs-workaround/96047

Mine today have arrived … GREAT!!!

I also own the Fairphine EarBuds but the XL’s are just gorgeous!

I tested it now with a lot of different music from .y library (Gothic Rock, Rock, Metal, Electronic, EBM, Industrial, Medieval, …) And the only thing I can say is: Buy them!

If I compare them with my Bose OverEar than the Fairbud XL have a much better and fuller sound with better a bass.

The only thing what isn’t working is the Google Assistant … I’m not able speak with my Assistant …



Oh well, the video in Luke’s post above clarifies that two of the tiny holes I suspected as mics are actually LEDs (for notifications and for charging). :blush:


does the active noise cancelling work when you use them plugged in or only in Bluetooth mode?

Are you able to use them via cable without BT or Battery? (maybe also with 3,5mm headphone jack adapter)
I read, that it isn’t possible?
For me, this would be interesting in case of input lag for gaming…and also in general a must have feature.


I asked a question about direct monitoring in another thread about the Fairphone in-ears. They have a function called “Voice through” that allows you to hear ambient noise and your own voice. I’m assuming this is the same feature called “Ambient mode” on the Fairbuds XL.

With the in-ears this feature cannot be used in online conferences with Zoom or Jitsi Meet. My question to those who use the new Fairbuds XL is whether this is possible with them or not. For your information: The functions for switching noise canceling and “Voice through” on and off are deactivated for online conferences, both with the Fairphone and with the Ipad pro. You can test it if you start a meeting in https://meet.jit.si.

I bought the in-ears in the hope of being able to hear my voice directly through the microphone at conferences, is that possible with the Fairbuds XL?

If not, does anyone know the reason why these features are being shut down? Is it due to the hardware or software, is there any workaround?

I tested this with Zoom and with Jitsi Meet, in Jitsi I was able to get the “Voice through” mode on the iPad once, the second time it was also switched off automatically as soon as I dialed into the conference. In Zoom I never got the “Voice through”.

Hello dblake: You are one who alraedy got the fairbuds in this Thread.
Maybe it’s possible for You to test wether the Ambience mode works in Videoconferences like zoom or jitsi? that would be great!!!:slightly_smiling_face:

I can confirm you can do that (listen to music via Bluetooth while charging with USB-C). Unlike the Bose ones that I owned until now. I can’t comment on the battery yet (just got them yesterday).

That’s a bit subjective. I think the Bose headphones sound slightly better, or I prefer it. Bose sound is a bit clearer but not as heavy and loud as the Fairbuds XL. They are also lighter and easier to wear. I can’t comment on the noise canceling yet (WFH, and it’s quiet in my office). You are not missing out much if you get this instead of the Quiet Comforts. The sound quality is comparable, and the difference is a matter of preference. There is a Short Circuit video about them, and they discuss the lab tests for sound/mics, and they say they sound OK (not the best, not the worse). I’ve been a Bose user since QC15, and I now switch between Bose 700 and Fairbuds XL without feeling a big difference.

Yes. It seems like it’s possible with Fairbuds XL. I can switch between Ambient Sound & Noise Cancelling On/OFF while on the call. The ambient sound during the meeting sounds the same as it does when I’m not in a meeting. I can hear my voice picked up by the mics and amplified a bit via the headphones.


Nice style of music for the test =)

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pretty devastating

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That Golem test is quite a contrast compared to the other much more favorable ones I have seen so far.
Anyway, I ordered mine now and will try it out for myself.


According to the golem.de test report, it shows what you can expect. Solid in all areas. One or the other can certainly be fixed with a firmware update. As I said… can be fixed, if I see the updates running here I would only buy the headphones if the problems were fixed.


I don’t see it that way. They compare them to a pair of Sony headphones that costs 100 euro more than the Fairbuds. That Sony pair sold for twice the price of the Fairbuds last year. That pair is Sony’s 5th generation in this segment (took them 3 generation just to get ANC right). Sony have more bass by default, so if they say the bass is weaker than a Sony, it’s not saying much.

You can get subjectively better headphones for the same money, but if you care about the values behind Fairphone, you will not sacrifice a lot if you chose Fairbus XL over others.

I needed a second pair for my PC and I was planning to get another Bose (QC 45) when these came out. I bought them as soon as I could and I don’t regret my decision. I was expecting them to be worse than they are. They sound quite OK. No regrets so far.

The article is right in some areas:

  • app is pretty useless as it is - I hope they’ll fix it with software updates (equalizer will be nice)
  • they are a bit heavier than competition (that’s the cost to have them repairable)
  • multi device connectivity doesn’t work, but the pairing is very smooth (I usually repair them when I switch devices and it takes a few seconds)

I can’t comment on ANC or transparency mode too much since I haven’t really tested that.


On a side note, Golem also spelled out the spare part prices:

Spare part Price
Speaker Right* 80 Euros
Speaker Left 40 Euros
Battery 20 Euros
Headband Base 20 Euros
Headband 20 Euros
Headband Cover 20 Euros
Ear Cushion 15 Euros
Speaker to Speaker Cable 15 Euros
Speaker Cover 6 Euros

* includes controls and chip

What sits where (picture from shop.fairphone.com)