Fairbuds XL Equalizer

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Linus from the Fairphone support told me, he was not able to help me and directed me to the Fairphone Community Forum.

I was very pleased with the previous equalizer (see image below) version on iOS.
The new app has just 6 static sliders (in regards to frequency).

Is there a way to revert to the old app or use other tools?

@Juan.Bianchi @Ioiana_Luncheon what does support think would we user be able to advise here or why cant support give such an advise? A bit puzzled to see that such is not answered by support, especially as this is about iOS while Fairphones use Android, so why would we know how to revert to previous App verisons in iOS🤔

@Rom2 welcome to the user community forum.


Is the equalizer different on Android? I could live with it to set the equalizer on Android then connect it to my iOS device later.

@Rom2 I dont know I dont have the Fairbuds so cant check the App neither for Android nor iOS. Nor do I know if the setting would be stored in the buds to transfer this from one system to another…

most likely another question @Juan.Bianchi @Ioiana_Luncheon that Fairphone support should be able to answer not the user community.


I can confirm that the current Android app also has just 5 static sliders. Does it really have 6 on iOS?

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Hello hello
I’ll flag this to the team and I’ll come back to you

EDIT: This will be reviewed tomorrow
EDIT2: We need to run further tests, I’ll post again once we have clear results


Youre probably right. My point is about the variable bands. You could change the frequency for all sliders in the old version.

Hello, it’s me again

The app has different equalizer settings based on the device, the Fairbuds having different customization options with the Fairbuds XL.
This is due to different design choices and the partnership we had with sonarworks on the Fairbuds XL

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Hi Juan, thanks for your reply. My initial question was, if I can return to the previous version of the iOS app. In the old app you could shift the frequency bands. Which came in handy. So how can I regain this function, which was available at purchase of my Fairbuds XL?


Fairphone might want to remove these posts here since it’s misleading now:

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@Juan.Bianchi So is there no answer to my questions? Will the old equalizer, which had obviously more features, not return and the feature was officially removed?

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