Fairbuds pairing, mic, noise cancelling and studio EQ problems

Just bought the earbuds, the experience has been good so far, but:
The Fairbuds are trying to pair every time i open the app. Also it seems that the 12k band in the Studio EQ does not affect the sound at all. Also the noise cancelling on the mic is too aggressive - it cancels out some words and i have to talk very loud (tested in the Camera app). Also there’s a hiss when the noise cancelling is on, it’s pretty quiet, but noticeable.

My phone is a Pixel 6A.

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Fairphones has temporarily withdrawn/withheld an imminent Fairbuds firmware update because it caused some Fairbuds to brick (become unusable, unresponsive), see New fairbuds in-ears - firmware update bricks the buds ?!

You might want to give them a few more days until the update is finally available again, it might already deliver some improvements on your issues.

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A new version of the Android app has been approved by Google and published this morning. Please update your app, which then will also allow you to update your Fairbuds. This firmware update will fix both the “repairing” issue you’re facing, as well as the Studio EQ issue.


The new firmware fixed:

  • the Re-Pairing
  • the Studio EQ band

What it did not fix:


Should i open a topic for each issue? I’m not sure if i should do that

Maybe just name what exactly is open, where you say above “last issue”, so its clearer without needing to watch the video. We could then mark this comment as solution, even if its not a full solution, however it will then be displayed in the first comment and everyone can easily see it.

And def report the last open issue to CS.

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