Fairbuds left ear Crack loudly when ANC is enabled

my XL headset has developed a hiss/crackle only in the left ear and only when ANC is enabled, not the ambient mode or ANC off.

it builds and sounds quite obvious like a Crack, a waterfall or tv static.

Any one experienced the same pb and found a solution. I read a previous topic ( Fairbuds XL noise cancelling hiss) about it but no solution were found. Perhaps by buying a new left ear ?
I already checked the microphone hole by removing the cover, but that didn’t help. I also updated to the latest firmware, but no luck. Any other hints ?

I also experience the same issue and have not yet found any solution. Have you maybe contacted support for this? I also recently updated the firmware to the newest version (shown in the App), but it did not help.

Unlike you, I have the problem in ANC as well as in Ambient mode, unfortunately.

Thank you for your answer ! Yes I done the firmware update and contacted the support and I’m waiting an answer.
I will let you know if I find any solution.

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@VincentD1: Any news on this topic from your side / Fairphone support?

Yes, the support was ready to repair the material, unfortunately, I have no proof of purchase. So I have to solve the problem my self. I’ll probably try to do a self repair and if whith no succes probably by a new left speaker.

I have the same problem right after unboxing my new Fairbuds XL. I noticed the sound disappears when the Fairbuds XL are charging, has anyone else noticed that too? And has anyone had the same problems after they got their Fairbuds XL back after repair?