Fair phone crashes just like that

Since some time my phone just crashes…On the road, when it’s loading, does’t matter. Very annoying. If I’am at home i need to take out the battery for some time. Then put it in again and on the charger. Then the first screen shows an empty battery (which wasn’t before it crashed!) and recharged to 100% within a minute. Then i can make the phone work again…for some time. When it crashes when I’am abroad there’s nothing I can do. It doesn’t switch on anymore! I have all the updates. What is the matter?? does anyone know? Thanks!

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I think you need to get a new battery. Have you ever replaced the battery before? I think the crash is caused by a battery that is suddenly “empty”.

Check if your battery is bloating ( see here: #batteryguide ).
If so don’t use it as it could be dangerous and contact support to get a new one.

Thank you! I never changed the battery no…but the strange thing is, it also crashes/goes out when the phone is On the charger…

Thanks! Okay, i will try that…checking if it is bloating. I will keep u posted. Thanks again!

Yes, bloated! Ai. I took it out now and wanted to order a new one but out of stock! Unbelievable…Does anyone know if they’re other trustworthy shops (netherlands) where to buy them?

There’s a two year warranty on the FP1(U) batteries. If you have an FP1U, there’s still a chance that it’s within warranty. Sometimes Fairphone does have spares for warranty cases even when the shop has sold out. The procedure is explained here.

Thank you! Unfortunately i have my phone longer than 2 years…

I’d still try support. I believe bloated batteries may be covered by warranty even after 2 years, or at least they may sell you a battery that they reserved for warranty cases. Worth a try.

For sure worth a try! Have to wait till tomorrow…Thank you!

Good luck!

Sadly (as far as I know) you cannot run a FP1 without a battery at all (= power by usb only). It would be a nice test for users to figure out if really the battery is causing the trouble. It’s possible to attach a stable power source at the battery connector, but that’s a bit too much for most users.

But in your case, I think the battery is causing your problems

Thank you! well, in short, i have no phone now. Battery bloated, no batteries for sale, they don’t know when…so sorry was all i got. That’s so strange, because of he first edition sellers they could get this phone on the market and now they cannot do anything…fairphone…well, you can just use it for 2 years…Nothing Fair about it. But thanks for helping!!

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Part of the behind-the-scenes story is also in the blog post below - though it’s worrying to hear that there’s no estimate on when there will be more batteries going up for sale…

maybe it is not the battery? I have a FP2 and it showed the same symptoms as described in Fair phone crashes just like that
some time, I found out that the display was not sitting properly on the
main board, there was a misfit of less than 1mm. This led to unstable
connections, crashes and the “charging battery” symptoms. Further, I had
not removed the protection film from the display. After placing the
display properly on the main board again and removing the protection
film, all my problems were solved. Best wishes :sunny: Marie

But in that case most likely the problem was caused by a loose connection. Since the FP1 doesn’t have the modular design I doubt it could be the same issue. The bloated battery problem on the other hand is a well known issue with FP1.
But it is too bad that they already out again of spare batteries (and displays).

If you’re a bit tech savvy, you could try this:

Have a look here and a bit of patience:
No battery for sale so need to change the phone?

Hi marie,
i have the same problem with my fairphone 2. how wud i adjust the screen? I dont want to wreck my phone.
Also my fairphone doesnt work properlywhile in the charger. Have u experienced that?
With the protective film, do u mean the plastic on the outside of the screen or is there also something i need to remove inside?
Thabks for ur help.

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