Fair but....It has to work!

Hi!I agree with you in every single word. I ask why, why they began this adventure unprepared? I fill myself “used” to finance FP dream. It would be FAIRer asking me just some money for the “FP charity”. I am so sad for this situation.

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Nope. Running for two years three months staight. Had to change some parts, but nothing that indicates obsolescence.


Definitely get a back up phone (for half the price you paid for FP2 and twice as reliable). Don’t wait for help from Fairphone Support as it is extremely slow to access. Agree with Pedru’s initial question: ‘Is this phone fair only for miners or for users too?’

I was a great believer in the project at the outset and throughout my FP1 use but support has deteriorated badly in last year and my FP2 was unusable because of terrible battery life. Have written about experience elsewhere on this forum. It is truly liberating to use a reliable smartphone. Unless I am confident that Fairphone starts to care about its users I cannot go back to using one, however much I support their principles.

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Dear all,

Our company has 14 Fairphone 2 phones in use. Some phones have had some serious issues. Mainly with bad screens (touch problems). Also with hanging and rebooting phones. Almost all problems are solved now by getting 3 screens replaced ans one complete phone (motherboard issues) replaced. The problems now are annoying but not show stopping. Things like: the batteries are empty quickly, the touchscreen is functional during phone calls (touching unwanted options with the ear during the call), the phone is a bit slow, etc. We still are 100% behind our support for Fairphone. The point is: building a phone is very, very, very complex. Especially when you want it to be modular, repaireble, fair and in relatively small numbers. If you really need a high performance, 110% functional phone, maybe this phone is not for you. Better buy the high end phones from competitors. If you moderately depend on your phone, and it is acceptable to fail some times, than the FP2 is your friend. With the FP2 movement competing against the big boys of the world, we stand for change, democrazy, people, planet, etc. Supporting a change asks for patience and long term goals. So please accept some hurdles. And stay faithfull. Please watch the FP2 documentary where the company gives insights in how difficult this complete project and dream is. Great respect for Bas van Abel and his complete team. Danny


Sorry dannydv but I am in total disagreement with you.FP Boys are very good boys but they would be much much more fair with their customers.I didnt pay them with false euro.They gave me a false phone!I am not “phone dipendent” and is not your affaire to judge my phone use. I need phone for my life and job too. I believe in “democracy, change and Planet” just as you. Even if I wouldn’t ever buy a FP.I cant use FP because they sell bad working phones!


Nobody gave you a false phone. They might have given you a defunct phone. That happens. That’s why there is support.

I moved this topic to #community as you are clearly not here to seek for help, but just to rant.
It’s okay to be angry and let off steam, but if you are not here for anything constructive then we’ll remove you from this forum.


Very quickly unswer. Sorry for my post. Remove it and Danny’s too please.
Please tell me how could I have back my money because for me it’s a lot. I really believe in FP dream but I need a more efficient phone.
Please tell me if does exist a sort of “Black list” about surely-unfair phone s.

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Since this is a community forum, everyone (including moderators) is just a FP-user just like you (used to be). So, nobody here can speak for the FP company.
You will have to contact them through support to get an official answer to that question.

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Dear Pedru, I am sorry if I gave you an idea that I am judging you. I only tried to give my experience and view on Fairphone. We have 14 working phones now. They are in use for almost 2 years now on a daily base. They have minor issues. So you must have had a bad FP2 and should ask for replacement parts of phone. Goodluck. Danny


Please don’t, as I have the feeling, that (especially moderate) rants like this one serve a purpose too. This is a user forum, that should - in my opinion - allow for dissatisfied users as well, as they show us - and Fairphone - where the problems are.
Besides that, they evoke comments like the one by @dannydv, that - to me - was really interesting. And that’s some information that otherwise never might have been posted. Therefore one could call the posting constructive.

To cut it short; in my opinion every user should be encouraged to stay and participate instead of being removed as long, as the posts by this user stay civilized without insults and swear words or the like.


Thank you!

I am still a FP user but I cannot fly for humanitarian mission in asian forests with a flickering FP2.When I’ll be among starving people how could I order a new screen?..I am so so so sorry, believe me.Support service doesn’t answer, that’s why I ask here how to get my money and if there’s a sort of blacklist of the most unfair phone productors. Even if I can not be any more a FP user (just for an excess of technical issues) I still dream a fair way to use phones.

Thank you


There is the greenpeace guide to fairer electronics:

But by placing apple on second place they kind of shot themselves in the knee and will never be taken seriously. See some discussion here:

Other than that as the CEO of Fairphone said it himself (I don’t have the exact quote at hand right now): “The fairest phone [even fairer than a Fairphone] is always the phone that doesn’t have to be produced anymore [=second hand phone]”.


Yes, placing Apple on 2nd… Maybe they are much more (or only) interested in pollution problems than in african miners work conditions. In any case thank you!

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Danny, wonderfully said! Very close to my experience - not everything is smooth, but had no problem with the hardware, and the small disturbances were normally fixed with some of the next upgrades!
I use the phone a lot personally and for business (I am an entrepreneur) and feel sometimes like it’s my entire office. Some things might run better and faster (e.g. my 2nd slot loses sometimes network and have to manually seek it, and have not yet come upon the reason), but I am eager to be patient, because I see there is improvement.
And I love the idea, and the phone, and this community, through which I could already self-fix several things. The support is also great, I have written once, received a thourough reply, and then asked me again if all is solved, because I have not given back feedback!

Just wanted to share my own experience: I bought an FP2 something like two years ago and right from the beginning had several issues. First it was the camera not focussing correctly and the GPS accuracy was really bad. I contacted the support and they replaced it which took a few weeks in total.

Then I had problems that the phone did not wake up from standby so it required a battery pull. So I had it replaced once again.

After I received the replacement phone, I was really excited because it was the new model with the improved camera! Wow! But then it did not even turn on.

This was the moment I decided that I finish my FP experiment. I really love the idea behind the product and the product itself (apart from the quality problems) is also quite good, but I need a phone that works and I cannot spend time making backups, getting another phone, putting everything back in place, waiting some weeks and after repair do everything vice versa.

I’m really sad to say that I now got some Chinese phone for around 250 €. The mine workers most likely get exploited, but the phone just works.

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Hi @Pedru
This may give you a few ideas as well.
No prizes for guessing the company at the top of this ethical chart (yes it’s Fairphone way out in front), but rating companies on a broader spectrum than Greenpeace (environmental) ,Apple come in 6th.
Please note you cannot see the full results unless you are a subscriber like myself; you will have to take it at face value. Apple are marked down on the following; environmental reporting, workers rights, arms & military supply, political activities & anti-social finance (including tax evasion).


Or you could get this free issue!

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Very very kind!
I will use your list

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