F2 display contacts problem

Hi all
Full disclosure I have dropped my phone a fair bit over the past 3 years, but this time I dropped it onto concrete and now it’s on, but no reliable screen. I feel I can sometimes press it a bit and it comes on a little!
I’ve stripped down and rebooted and messed with the contacts a little but no improvement.
Any suggestions? Is it worth posting in to fix? I’ve had it 3 years and I haven’t been brilliantly impressed with it’s functioning but I’m fairly committed to the ethos of and would buy an F3.

Is there a Fairphone Angel nearby? S/he could test whether the display module or the core module is more affected – that would help to determine whether a fix is feasible.

Oh, and welcome to the Fairphone Community Forum! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much!

Sadly I am in Wales and my nearest is in London!

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