Extremely high data usage by e-mail (email)

within a couple of days i went above my data limiet and finally lost a hole month-provider-rate

in the ‘data usage’ i found that the e-mail used more than 1GB in a few days.
i have no idea what happend, not received nor send strange things…

also the battery was always very soon empty…

anybody out there who knows about what the reason could be?

do i have to turn off some settings?

some kind of virus?

thnxxx for helping!

I had some similiar problem once with my old phone.
I tried to send an email with a mid-sized attachment over wifi and when it didn’t work the phone tried to send the email again and again over wifi as well as over mobile internet. After 2 days I recieved a message from my provider that my cellular bill was over 300€ for that month and I hadn’t even realized anything about this.


in the past I saw huge email traffic on several phones with several mail clients. Your amount of 1GB beats everything I saw. I have no idea why this happens but the solution was the same for most of my friends with problems like this: Changing the mail client. Maybe this will help you, too. I like Kaiten and Aqua Mail. If it should bew (add) free, K9 might be an option.


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A thing to check is the amount of days you want to download mail for.
If this is set to unlimited, and you have a huge mailbox, it might try to slurp in all of it…
If that’s not the problem, I don’t know.

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Has anyone else had problems with the email app using excessive amounts of data?

In the last few weeks, it seems that my email app has been chewing through data to such an extent that since the 1st March, my phone provider tells me that I have used 4.8GB(!) of data - almost all of it on email. This could cost me a lot when the bill comes through (currently re-negotiating…)

The provider tells me it is pretty much all from attempting to download, not upload, yet I have not had more emails than normal, nor have I changed the way I use my email/phone lately. The amount of data the email uses absolutely swamps the other apps’ usage (eg between 14th-18th March I’ve used 2.35GB data on email, and the next largest app usage is 8.98MB)

Has anyone else experienced anything like this, or have any idea what’s causing it? I’m worried that it might be some malware or something, but the virus sweep I just did came up blank.

Any thoughts or advice gratefully recieved.


Not with the Fairphone and not caused by downloads, but on my old phone I once tried to send a mail with a mid-sized attachment; it failed and tried again and again every few minutes and when I finally noticed I got a bill for about 200€.

Are you using the Email App coming with the Fairphone?

Yes, although I find it annoying for various reasons, but inertia won the day so far.

I’m facing a bill of up to £360 for data alone as it stands!

I moved you post + replies here as this topic deals with the same issue. Look at the solutions provided above. Do they help?

PS: Maybe a change of settings is causing this.

I am very sorry to hear. Sounds awful. :frowning:

I do not have any experience with the include Mail app, but I know it is based on the Standard Android mail but modified by Mediatek, which does not sound so good. This want help you know but i encourage you to try “K9-mail”. I installed if from f-droid.org but it is also avaiblable on Google Play.

One thing you could to do prevent something like that to happen (you possible disocovered that yourself now, but i could help others) is limiting data usage. Use the “Data use” button in Quick Settings, then choose your Sim Card, tick “Set mobile data limit” and move the red line to a value below the volume included in your contract. You can also set a warning.



To add: What could help analyzing the problem: Could it be the App tried to download the full mailbox? This can get huge with providers like Gmail offerings GBs for free.
On the other hand, if you mailbox is smaller than the amount of data downloaded, it could be the app repeatedly downloaded something… don’t know.

@salvia Have you been using the Standard Mail App as well?

At first you should of course find the cause for this but then you should also fight that bill. Back when my bill was so high it took me about 2 months of fighting with my network provider and refusing to even pay my basic fees for those months but eventually they caved. They didn’t actually admit that it wasn’t my fault what had happened but they completely withdrew the bill for that month.


Sometimes bills are just wrong…

Yeah like bills that say: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” :smiley: