External microphone for FP3+. Any experience?

Dear all,

I think I have a problem with FP3+ audio recording, I’m not satisfied with it. I play the guitar, I’d like to record something every now and then but when I listen to the result I immediately delete everything.

The most important problem is the “cut” I can hear on the sound. When the sound intensity drops below a certain threshold it sounds to be cut (there’s a sharp decay, like a “step”).

I’ve recorded a video you can find here:

Smartphone audio test - YouTube

(if you can’t see the video don’t worry, it was just a chord to let you hear the decay is cut)

I’ve tried with different app and also with another FP3+, same result. I tried with my son’s Samsung A50 and it’s far better. From this I have concluded the problem can be the FP3+ microphone.

I’d try to get around the problem by buying an external microphone to plug into my FP3+.

I don’t need anything professional, I’m just looking for a way to record my guitar (and don’t feel ashamed for the poor sound quality :grin:).

Any experience with external microphones?

Any suggestion?



What app are you using to record the audio?

I remember seeing another thread on here discussing a similar (but unrelated) issue regarding the audio quality but I can’t find it at the moment. There were some interesting findings posted about the different ways the phone processes/outputs audio.

You could try setting the audio source to “Unprocessed” if the app supports it - the audio may be a bit quieter but should maintain a consistent recording level

If you’re recording using the original camera app, I couldn’t find any way to change the audio source in there. I use Opencamera instead which can change this - it’s located in Settings > Video Settings > Audio Source


Yes a similar complaint


I’ve used the original camera app, the recorder app from Simple Mobile Tools and a couple of other apps I can’t remember the name.

I also tried the one I used on my previous phone (ASUS Zenfone 3), it was OK on the old phone but shows the same problem on FP3+.

I’ve just tried with OpenCamera and the “unprocessed” feature, same result.

This is the recorder I use:

If it still happens with this app I think it may be an issue with the phone/os, would be worth contacting fairphone support about it

I won’t start again with tickets, I ve just finished.

I bought my phone last Christmas and I’ve spent most of these eleven months exchanging messages with the support and sending back and forth the phone to Cordon.

I’m really tired of troubleshooting, I bought this phone because I wanted a fair phone to use not a troubleshooting marathon to run.

If I can solve the problem with an external mic I’d rather doing that than going back to the support. Otherwise I’ll keep the phone as it is. I’m tired of having troubles to solve.

I’ve tried Audio Recorder right now with the “unprocessed” source but the result is the same.

Thank you for your support, I appreciated it.

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Will try with a guitar, though I only have an acoustic 12 string. Are you using and amplifier etc.

I’ve heard good things about the rode videomic me, both the USB C and 3.5mm headphone jack versions. (The headphone jack one says that it’s for Apple, but seems to work on Android too)

Thanks Paperpillot.

It looks great, even too great :grin:

I was looking for something cheaper, around 20 euros (sorry I should have specified this earlier).

I just need something to get around FP3+ microphone limitations.


Have you contacted Fairphone about your disappointment to see if they can find a software edit they can implement in future?

I’m not sure but I read in another discussion here that the auto gain filter is also applied to external microphones. I have the problem that the recordings are distorted even when I use the audio recorder app and select unprocessed audio source.

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As I wrote above, I’m quite tired of tickets.

If I can solve the issue myself (and I’ve got the feeling it’s a hardware issue) it’s OK otherwise I’ll keep the phone as it is.

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I read that thread but I think my problem is a bit different. This is why I decided to get an external microphone.

Yes apologies for suggesting official support, I’ve had one unpleasant experience trying to sort out a charging issue ~ to no avail.


I tried with an external mic and I have exactly the same problem.

Phone mic, earphone mic and an external mic all give the same problem: the recorded audio is cut when it goes below a threshold.

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