Distorted sound in Audio Recorder App

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I read all the post about the poor recording quality. So I followed the instructions and installed the app ‘audio recorder’ to record the unprocessed audio signal without the faulty mic auto gain. I use my FP3 in a band rehearsal room for recording jams with electric guitar, bass and drums. Even with the setting ‘unprocessed’ the recording clips and gets distorted. Not as much as the recording with the auto gain filter but still not useable.

To make it short: is there any other way to record loud live music with the FP3? I have no big expectations when it comes to phones but recording loud audio is one essential thing and all my unfair old phones were able to do it.

Thanks for your help

Is anyone having this issue? I can not imagine that no other Fairphone user is recording live music. There was no improvement with the last software update earlier this week.

Hi Sorry that no one responded to your first post.

RE. The latest update A10 ~ 1032 There was no indication that there was a recording update or any audio update envisioned,

And I have no recording experience and am unlikely to have any but will keep an eye on your post and try a few tests.

As far as I can tell, when recording both mics are being used.

  • The bottom mic has more gain
  • You can try taping over each in turn

See also

Thanks for your reply. I can surely test the mics by taping one of them the next time in the rehearsal space. But that should not be the long term solution.

In this discussion Very low quality audio recordings people say that the problem of the “auto gain filter” is solved, but obviously just in the camera app, not when using recordings apps like “audio recorder”. I’m not sure about contacting the support with it because this problem is or was on a list to improve things with the next update. It would be helpful if someone else would try to record loud music (concert for example) with this app by using the unprocessed mic setting

Given the date of that post that was with Android 9 it seems to have reoccurred in Android 10

My latest test :slight_smile: was to shout at the phone and I can see the clipping on the recording app.

With fingers covering both mics there was no clipping.

So a way to dumb it down a bit maybe all that’s required

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