External Display?

Can I use an external Display via a HDMI-t-USB-cable?
I run OpenOS, and I want to install a second OS, Debian (just for the coolness :sunglasses:), but my problem is that a 5" screen is way too small for a desktop OS, so is this possible?


AFAIK its only possible through miracast - at least thats the only way under Ubuntu touch/ubports so I assume the USB otg doesnt support HDMI out - might be wrong though …
BTW how youre going to realize the double boot system?

That depends … Gole1 running Windows 10 navigated with a not too thick touchpen … works neat even with non-touch-optimized programs (after some minutes of target training with the pen) :wink: .

Interestingly, the Gole1 suffers from inconsistent build quality and nerve-racking e-mail support … same old, same old :slight_smile:

I’m interested in that, too.

FP2 does not support MHL, so a cheap Micro-USB-to-HDMI cable won’t work.

Your screen mirroring options in FPOS (with GMS) are Miracast, Chromecast (both wireless) and DisplayLink (wired).

AFAIK the wireless options don’t work in OpenOS (without GMS). You could try DisplayLink. YMMV.

About Debian, I have no idea.


I can’t find any DisplayLink cables…?!

Just found this Slimport cable, but that does not seem to be supported as well.

It’s a series of USB graphics chipsets integrated into USB adapters, docking stations and monitors.

While they are primarily intended for PCs, you can connect them to most Android phones using a standard USB OTG adapter.


There was a bit more discussion about using a USB docking station for HDMI output here:


Actually with Android 6 I was able to use Miracast on OpenOS :slight_smile:

@elastic: There are some “Use Debian beside Android”-apps on F-Droid and Yalp. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how they work (but I’m sure @z3ntu can ;)), but I’m going to try them out and post my experiences and issues (e.g. “Debian Kit” from F-Droid tells me my phone is not rooted, although I’m on OpenOS)!

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I use an USB-OTG-Adapter with a DisplayLink USB-HDMI-Adapter. With the App DisplayLink Desktop (Beta) I can mirror my screen on the monitor…

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I just wanted to share my success in connecting and displaying my screen via build in cast screen on Lollipop with a Sony KDL-43WE755 SmartTV.
All went flawless and smooth no further software was involved.

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