🇳🇿 Experiences in New Zealand

Makes sense :+1: Maybe I am just a person that likes to buy stuff from the original seller

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Has anyone successfully used a Fairphone in NZ? I would like to hear peoples’ experiences about how easy it is to get support to keep the phone updated and whether it’s hard to source new parts. I know they don’t ship to NZ so one needs a proxy in the U.K. or Europe to receive the phone or any parts.

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As the last report is a lot more up to date

as i live here in new zealand is there a website that sells to new zealand

Hi and welcome to the community, I moved your post here and you might also have a look at the Australian topic

There are a few reseller shipping worldwide, I think most used are clove UK and Vireo Germany


In the list on the resellers page (Link in previous post) you will see a company called Clove, a UK based one.

You can then search the forum using the word ‘Clove’ to see people’s experiences.