Experiences from and suggestions for community organizing

Handy local community URLs

A few of us recently had Fairphone set up easy-to-memorize URLs that redirect to our local community topics in this forum, e.g. hamburg.fairphone.community, aachen.fairphone.community, gothamcity.fairphone.community or grenoble.fairphone.community (just click to find out what the local community topics look like :slight_smile: ). If you are running such a local community yourself and want this for your community as well, just let me (or someone else of the usual suspects) know and I can arrange things with Fairphone. Just bear in mind you need a “home” topic in the forum first.

One suggestion: If your community’s place/town/region has more than one way to write it, feel free to include these alternative ways to write or spell it, too (e.g. nuuk.fairphone.community + godthåb.fairphone.community + godthab.fairphone.community or: saintpetersburg.fairphone.community + leningrad.fairphone.community or already existing: munich.fairphone.community + münchen.fairphone.community + muenchen.fairphone.community). I would still recommend to later use just one of these in public, the alternative ways are just to “catch” searchers trying the other ways of writing it.