Experience with FairPhone repair by a store in Utrecht?

Hi there! I’m new to this forum, even though I’ve had my FairPhone 2 for a while now. My quick question is : Does anyone here have experience with using a phone store in Utrecht (the Netherlands) to fix problems on FP 2?

Over the past few months, the primary microphone stopped functioning. That’s tricky enough in itself. But on top of that, my screen often stops responding or completely blacks out when I get or make a phone call … so then I’m also not able to switch to speaker!
I am aware that there must be plenty of (possible) solutions that people can find online, but I am an absolute tech dummy and would much prefer to bring my phone & ordered new parts to a store.
See, I bought this phone when I needed a replacement and I chose FP 2 because I love how it is produced and I support the ideals behind it. But I won’t risk fumbling around with parts.

Now, I have e-mailed some stores in the past weeks to specifically ask up front if they have experience with a FP 2. So far, nothing.

So I turn to you all with my question : Does anyone here have experience with using a phone store in Utrecht (the Netherlands) to fix problems on FP 2?

Thank you for your responses!

Also, you could have a look whether there are #fairphoneangels in your vicinity who could help you out.

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Just in case in you don’t find anyone locally that can help, here’s a couple of pointers:

If it was less than two years, it’s still in warranty (if you’re the first owner). This is relevant for solving the problem with the primary microphone, which will probably require a new bottom module. If it is in warranty, the replacement should be free if you claim warranty.

This can usually be solved by re-calibrating the sensor. The software for this is included on the phone. No parts necessary.

The complete repair (assuming parts are available) should take maybe 15 minutes, with no tools required other than a (reasonably) common screwdriver (PH0). Something to keep in mind when you get quotes for the repair.

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And how about the received likes? Will they also fly into nirvana? :open_mouth:

Hi Johannes, thank you for you fast response! Unfortunately I can’t claim warranty anymore and troubleshooting the microphone problem led to the conclusion that I needed to replace the bottom module. I have that ready to replace now.

Thank you for your tips about the screen! I’ll try to follow your instructions ‘soonish’ and hopefully that will indeed solve the problem!

Hi AnotherElk, thank you for responding so fast! I was really hoping to find a store in my home town, also because I have some health issues that make traveling quite a hassle. But perhaps I’ll consider a place on your map that is further away, and see if I can sent my phone in.

If you got the new module already and you know somebody in your town who is halfway tech-savvy, perhaps familiar with swapping components in a PC or similar … just show them this video and ask whether they could do that for you.

Swapping a module in the Fairphone 2 is really easy, you don’t need an expert to do this, just people not hurting themselves (or others, or tech) as soon as grabbing a screwdriver :wink: .

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Kinda late, but thank you for the video! I finally got round to it and am happily surprised that even I could change the module! (seriously, I have such a bad history with phones, that for a while … people never assumed I had the same phone & number for more than 6 months to a year)
And happy of course to have a phone that can actually make calls again.



Congratulations! Now there’s progress not “just” for the world, but for an individual Fairphoner, too! :+1:

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