Exchange Sync "is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly"

My FairPhone 2 has not been able to sync my exchange account (outlook) calendar (since 27/04/2017) or contacts (since 08/05/2017). However it has been constantly syncing my email and still is.

I have multiple gmail accounts on the phone accessible through the gmail app and access the exchange outlook emails through the email app that came with the phone. I use the Google calendar app that came with the phone (which picks up my gmail calendar appointments from all gmail accounts) and shows the exchange account in the menu but none of the appointments since the sync stopped.

The issue is similar to the following closed topic but I can not work out if my mail is being added as an IMAP: exchange active sync not working

My Fairphone updater is set to run automatically and seems to be up to date or at least not finding updates to install.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting, especially which do not require deleting and reinstating the Exchange account?

I reset the exchange account and mail, calendar and contacts are now syncing again.

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