Email not syncing after update

After recent update a week ago, email is no longer syncing. Error message : Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly. Any advice?

That doesn’t sound like it comes from the phone, but rather from the opposite side in syncing. What e-mail service/App or syncing App do you use?

It’s Outlook and Exchange.
Never happened before.

Meaning you are using MS Outlook for Android to access an Exchange server?
In that case it would seem that Exchange server is telling you to just wait a while … or needs treatment by an admin.

Have waited a week already …
How do I go about getting treatement by an admin?
What if I delete the account and add it again?

What exactly do you mean by “recent update”? 17.05.2 to 17.06.4? Or did it stop working after the upgrade from Android 5.1 to 6?

Well, usually there’s somebody responsible for administration of an Exchange server, so you could try to contact said somebody and tell him/her about your syncing problem.

You could try that, of course, but still … if the problem originated on the phone there’s no way any technical part in this chain of events could claim “It will be back shortly.” … but then again, it would still be an error message programmed by Microsoft :slight_smile: … Good luck!

Am sorry I don’t know the answer to that. I did the usual ‘update’ offered by Fairphone. I didn’t register the number. Just followed the instructions as I have done before. Not previously had any problems.

Also now getting ‘Authentication Error’ Touch to edit account settings. I touch … it comes up with ‘edit with…’ I touch again… it disappears!

Thanks for the help

Ouch … then I would clear Outlook’s data and cache in Settings - Apps, delete the mail account, then uninstall and reinstall Outlook and reestablish the mail account.

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