Exchange of defective top module / no answer from Fairphone support since five weeks

I ordered a new top module on the fairphone web shop for my FP2. Unfortunately the speaker of the module didn’t work so I had to replace it with the old one.
I opened a ticket at the Fairphone customer support but they doesn’t reply to my requests since five weeks now. :frowning_face: Does anybody have an idea how to return articles bought in the FP webshop without bothering the fairphone support team?! Many thanks…

You can’t. At least not without causing even more trouble for support. Instead try this trick to get a fast answer.


I have a similar problem with Fairphone Support. My rear speaker doesn’t work, so I can’t use alarm, my phone doesn’t ring whith incoming calls, sound from videos doesn’t work… anyway, my point, I have opened a case in support a month ago and i have no answer from them. My concern is my 2 years warrant ends next month and I don’t know if they are going to answer me back after this period.

When it comes to warranty it only counts when you contacted support, not when they reply.
But just use the trick linked above and you’ll get a fast reply.

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Thanks, Paula for your quick answer!

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