European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam (#EFCT16) (22-28/8/16)

Our Aachen meet-up last night actually included @ralfo1704 who came over the way from Düsseldorf. :slight_smile:


I actually did not feel addressed by this post because I’ve only been in the community for a month or so and I also don’t own a Fairphone (yet). However, I would very much welcome this idea of renting a holiday flat for a week and visit Amsterdam and Fairphone next summer.
I could also imagine taking some (maybe not a large portion) of responsibility for this. Right now I’m not available much for planning but that should get better in the beginning of next year.
Put everything aside - count me in!


Don’t forget me :stuck_out_tongue:


As I live in the south of the Netherlands I would love to join you in meeting the staff and workshops.

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I’ll keep an eye on how this develops - I’m not in the Netherlands that often anymore, but if the timing is right I’ll show up.

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Holiday flats for next summer start from ~15€/Person/night


I had already planned a trip to Amsterdam for sometime in the next year, this could be an excellent occasion to visit the Fairphone HQ; if I can, I come to Amsterdam in the same period so I can partecipate at the workshop (or at least say hello to the Fairphone team).

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Sounds like a great plan!

Do note that in August, many people may have their vacations planned and won’t be able to come.

21.11.2015: I sent a doodle to everyone who thinks about joining the trip to Amsterdam to see how many we would be in the end and what the best timing might be. The earlier we set the date, the more people can keep the time frame free and the earlier we book, the better place to stay we find.
If anyone else is interested please let me know!

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Thank you @Vinni! :smiley:

@Jerry: I’m a student, so both August and September would be OK for me (I’ll be travelling in Poland and the Baltics in July), but the doodle will show, what’s best for everyone. :slight_smile:

Ilove that idea! Count me in :blush:

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Sounds great! Keep me posted and I’ll try to join all the way from Northern Sweden :smile:


:slight_smile: :thumbsup: (smileys to get more characters)

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I would love to come as well!


Edited for the 4th time: Well, I did not receive a doodle from Vinni, although I have stated clearly I want to participate. Edit: I luckily got a private mail from Stefan for the Doodle. I suggest: Try to make things more public, like posting (also) in this thread here.

You were invited to the PM just like the rest of us. Here is the link:


That’s a good question though.

Sorry Paul, I have edited my post for the third time. I indeed got invitation from Stefan (I though it was a Wiki post but it is not, so I have unlinked it from my 3rd revision of the post, making it the 4th revision…), but I didn’t see anything from Vinni who posted something about Doodle, hence my post that you commented on.

The doodle is not public so only people, who are interested, can participate (trolls, bots and the lot stay out). I’m really sorry, @Amber, that you did not receive the link.

I don’t understand these forum things any more. Indeed, this is the link, but how comes it shows me as mail - it is not a Wiki, yet it is public and even though it shows the letter symbol it is not only for me, but for everybody…?