⭐ European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2018 (#EFCT18)

That’s a good shot for the freestyle category on Fabulous #EFCT18 Photo Contest 📷 (Everyone can take part!) @merci

Our bike tour today: 13 cyclists, 33km

:rocket: = Fietsservice Alkmaar

Wild horses in the dunes

Cheese market in Alkmaar


The EFCT 2018 disappeared from the Community Map. Intended? I think it would make sense to keep the event star on the map until the end of the EFCT so people are still encouraged to join in spontaneously if they are in your area. :slight_smile:

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Please implement it over at Github. :wink:

Edit: @urs_lesse I moved the date to Saturday, so it still appears on the #communitymap.


We had a cool day at Utrecht today, guided by our CEO (Chief Excursion Officer) @AlbertJP. :smiley: Some impressions:

Inside the 112m high Dome Tower

All the others waiting for @Stanzi and @Stefan during the canoe tour.

“Should we give them a start?”


After @Maria2’s turn to be CEO (Chief Excursion Officer) and a free walking tour that part of the group attended, we are now sitting in the Fairphone office at a Meet & Greet with some old and new Fairphone team members.

Altogether, we are 17 (!) community members at the moment. :smiley:

F.l.t.r.: @Bas_van_Abel, Joelle, @Monica.Ciovica, Allard, Eva Gouwens

Edit: More photos

The new EFC@SO (European Fairphoners Chief @Stanzi Officer)


Hi guys,
I hope you enjoyed the afternoon at the FP HQ, I am very excited about having the chance to meet and talk to you in person :raised_hands:

I am sending you the questions that my colleague Joelle mentioned today, we can talk over them tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face::

  • What made you fall for Fairphone?
  • What inspired you to become a Fairphone Ambassador/Angel?
  • What is the funniest question you had about Fairphone and do you remember how you answered it?
  • What is the most challenging question you often have to answer from Fairphoners?

See you in the morning :sun_with_face:


I basically like the questions, but I’d like to propose a slight improvement:

  • Change the first question to “Why are you passionate about Fairphone?”

You don’t have to do this, but I think it would make the video better/more interesting for the people watching it :slight_smile:


Java-eiland as seen from the photoshoot/interviews for Fairphone promotion. Luckily no cruiseship is moored at the pier right behind the office.


Here the slides from the Zero Waste workshop.
Zero Waste.pdf (1.6 MB)
Thanks for the intersting discussion. :slight_smile:


Hi Frederike,

GLOBAL2000 (Friends of the earth Austria) is doing a campaign about the same topic:


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And recipes for the deo:
Zitrusdeo_en.pdf (71.9 KB)
Zitrusdeo.pdf (77.4 KB)

Photos of @Friek’s workshop:

…and then BOOOM!

Photo of @werner_noebauer live Skype chat with us

Edit: I added some more photos above.


I like the idea to proof that there are alternatives and ways to make things better!

Just grew into it :wink:

Q: Is the Fairphone 2 the new iPhone from Apple … ?
A: No, it’s produced by a dutch company called Fairphone…

  • How can you make sure that spare parts are available for Fairphone 2?
  • Why there are no spare parts / battery for Fairphone 1 anymore?
  • Are there plans for Fairphone 3?

I have the old camera in my FP2. You may say it is rather low-end but to date it hasn’t disappointed me. Today, I have been able to take some pictures of @z3ntu playing with a mobility scooter - and mind you, the pictures were taken while running.

The white object around the neck of poor Luca is, by the way, the cone of shame which he got from @Friek for disturbing a game of Imploding Kittens.


@Stefan The Boss


Tonight we celebrate!


New avatar right now.

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I completely forgot to share that I have something else to celebrate.
I got elected to “autoeditor” status on musicbrainz today (https://musicbrainz.org/election/301).


Awesome news :trumpet:

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