Estimated delivery date for FP4 green in France

Hi all !
I would like to make the upgrade from FP2 to the new FP4.
The delivery will be in France BUT I’m going abroad very soon and I would prefer to receive the phone before leaving of course !
The website shows : “Shipping starts on the 8th of november” for my model.
The big question is : when the phone could actually arrive in my mailbox ??
If a FP staff is around reading this, I would be pleased to get an estimation :wink:
Thanks !

I’m afraid there won’t be Fairphone staff giving you an answer here. You can either contact – or (what I would do) start the ordering process as far as you can without completing the payment stage and see if that gives you a more precise delivery estimate. Or if even that doesn’t give you an estimate, complete the order to see if the confirmation email includes an estimate – you can still cancel it afterwards.

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Thanks @urs_lesse for your quick response.
Are you sure it’s possible to cancel after ordering ? I want to give a try to that method !

In the worst case, It might take an email to support to cancel it, but I guess we both agree the risk that the phone is arriving at your place before you can cancel it properly is quite low :smiley:

I think you might get the estimate in the final steps before completing the order, so I don’t think you will need to complete the order 100 % Make sure to choose the exact configuration (RAM, colour, storage), the delivery dates might vary according to those.

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In the very first checkout page where you enter your address, you can see the estimated delivery date once a shipping method is selected. :slight_smile:


Indeed, the estimated delivery is between 1st and 6th of… december !
A bit too late for me :pensive:
Thanks for the help !


What configuration did you enter?

What configuration did you enter?

The green one (only one config, 256G/8Mo).

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If that’s an option for you: Some resellers actually ship beyond Europe, e.g.


If I remember correctly, the estimated delivery date when I ordered some weeks back was around the 15th of November. Sorry to hear about that delay! :frowning:

Interestingly, I just saw that the “starts shipping” info on the product page changes depending on configuration selected.
Grey 128GB still says starts shipping pre-orders on the “25th of October”.
Grey 256GB now says starts shipping pre-orders on the “1st of November”.
Green and Speckled Green both say starts shipping pre-orders “8th of November”.
A surprise to me, :stuck_out_tongue:
At the checkout page, every configuration says “estimated delivery date 1-6th December”, no matter whether delivery to Ireland or pick-up in Netherlands.


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