Enjoy peace and wifi toggle in menu feuture requests

apologies if these suggestions have come up before or if they are in the wrong section, or for anything else :smile:

I have a couple of what I think would be fairly small features to add, but what I think would be fairly easy to implement and would be very useful to me.

Firstly, I really like the “enjoy some peace” widget, but would love it if you could set it to switch off at a specific time rather than just between 5 minutes and 3 hours. I think this would give it much more chances for practical applications.

Secondly, the menu that appears when you hold the power button, the one that gives you airplane mode, silent/vibrate etc. options. I would really like to be able to customise this, in particular just turning the wifi off. I find it annoying when I am outside walking or driving or whatever and my phone alerts me that there was a wifi spot in range for a few seconds. Also it would save battery life and be more convenient than going into the main menu and having to unlock the phone.


For the first request, you should contact support directly. The forum is community driven so your request won’t be heard by the FP team.

Secondly, WiFi notifications can be turned off in the settings. But I believe you are searching for a quicker access to the shortcuts. Try to swipe down the notification bar with two fingers simultaneously (as shown in the picture).

There you can switch off WiFi by pressing once.

PS: I’m going to file this thread into the Help category. I think it fits best there.

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I know about the swipe down option. I’m talking about being able to access from the lockscreen, like you can with airplane mode and power on/off sections. Actually this whole menu would benefit from being customisable.

thanks for the input though!

If you want your WiFi turned off automatically when you exit a certain location (like your home or office), maybe My Profiles is an interesting app for you. I use it for exactly this reason (and also to lower the volume of my ringtone when I’m at the office).

there is also Wifi-Matic if you prefer a free (as in freedom) app to switch off Wifi if you are not in range of one of your wifis.
But if you rather want to do it manually from the lockscreen you could get a widget app like Power Toggles. It lets you toggle lots of things like Wifi and it works on the lockscreen. But if you have a pin or a pattern to unlock your screen you will still have to do that before the changes happen.

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For “Peace Of Mind” app (this is the real name :slight_smile: ) I installed the fork Peace Of Mind+ which comes with an extended time up to 12 hours and a Dashclok widget I find very useful.
About customizing power menu you can install the XPosed framework and its module APM+ which lets you add custom commands and also WIfi switcher.
Bye :smile:


WiFi-Matic seems to work much like Kismet’s SmarterWiFi manager, which comes with the Blackphone and has some additional options, like a timer and bluetooth toggles. We discussed it here already.

What I also like about this is that you could compile it yourself, it’s FOSS - but you can also get it for money via Google, as an experiment to see if people are willing to pay. Convenient way. Still have to do that, think it’s a neat way to get into the mass market.

But it doesn’t solve the OP’s problem, right?

Concerning the Peace-Widget, there’s a version on GitHub and (Google Play store) which offers variable “peace”-times (3, 6, or 12h). Dunno if this is one thing you were looking for, @john_pooleey?

Just BTW, if I were you, I’d turn of WiFi notifications for open WiFis completely. If you are in a spot where you WANT open WiFi, it should surely be no problem to turn it on and search for the network, should it? :sunny: However, still not available from the lock screen. I’d go for afro mentioned schedulers. I’m not sure this menu can even be made customizable - it’s a very basic functionality of Android, I presume.

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Very good ideas! I still think it is worth thinking about integrating @john_pooleey’s ideas directly into Fairphone OS.

thanks everyone for the suggestions, its much appreciated. I may be wrong but I think the lock screen menu can be customised, at least to a certain extent. Im basing this on the fact that my wife’s Motorola phone has a different menu than the Fairphone.

I have sent the feature requests to support now so hopefully they will appear on all your phones one day! :smile:

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a little update, I did try the Xposed framework app and it does exactly what I was looking for! I can even turn on my torch straight from the power menu. Thank you very much for this information

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