Anyone using Smarter WiFi Manager

Anyone having Smarter WiFi Manager (Kismet) installed?

I kind of like the idea. Should save some battery, if you schedule WiFi uptimes, and/or restrict it to certain (cell tower) locations. I’d like to hear your opinions. Working like intended, and worth a try?

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Sounds interesting indeed (at least as long as using the GPS receiver doesn’t use more power than the wifi one :wink:
It status is curious however: open source while still a paying app…
Maybe someone will compile it and make it available on F-Droid?

I think it might not use the GPS, at least not mandatory. Last line of the webpage says:

Tower identification numbers are not exported from your device.

…which I read as that it looks which cell towers are near you when you switched WiFi on (or maybe connected to a known WiFi), and will turn on WiFi when you are back near these towers. At least in cities, this should work just fine.

If you know how to compile it yourself, you can. If you don’t, you can also pay for it. I think it’s fair enough.

Just to explain, as far as I know, you could not even distribute this GPL software through the Apple AppStore, but the Google PlayStore is a different story. And since Michael Kershaw / Dragorn wrote it, he can do whatever he wants with the program, I think. Including selling it. Maybe it’s even more fair this way than a software which nudges you to do one of those abominable “in-app purchases”. :wink:

I think it might not use the GPS, at least not mandatory.

I was hoping for this too, but while getting neigbor towers info may do the trick to decide upon switching WIFI off, one need something else to decide upon switching on : for at that time you find yourself without wifi, thus… without wifi info -that’s why I suspected GPS to be required…

Other than this, yes, I definitely approve the “return of shareware” vs ads and in-app purchases. In this specific case as no ‘test run’ is available save recompiling I believe what you are doing is the best, asking here for other experiences…

Why that?

If you’ve got a service running on your phone which is comparing currently received cell tower IDs against a list of towers you received while being connected to your (home) WiFi, the app could turn WiFi on? If it’s smartly programmed, it would combine several tower cell IDs to one “location” and turn WiFi on if a number (at least three) of them were visible for your mobile connection during a certain interval of time. You could even scale that interval based the interval you needed to receive a number (say, again three) of towers while being connected to your WiFi.

If it’s really smart, it would keep a running list of cell towers in memory, and add a number of towers (including timing) your device saw last before connecting to your WiFi to the trigger list, and a number of towers you see after loosing connection.

Depending on the density of cells around you, this could be really, really accurate.

No GPS needed, as far as I can see. If you live in an area with no 3G, and only a single GSM cell for 30 km around, you would be screwed, though. But in cities like Bruxelles, London, Paris, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisboa, well… could be accurate to your flat! Would be interesting if you could trigger other things with this idea, as well! :heart_eyes:

You are right Humorkritic, I imagined the neigboring info being recovered only via wifi network names (the app screenshots showing only that), and I didn’t expect one would be able to deal with GSM cell tower IDs -my wrong.
Now we just need someone to try the app :wink:

I’m using “Wi-Fi Matic” (available on F-Droid), which does the same thing:

if you’re connected to a Wifi network, it stores a list of the GSM cell towers that are visible (it updates the list when it sees a new tower when connected to the Wifi network)

  • when you move out of Wifi range and are disconnected for some time (configurable), it switches Wifi off and mobile data on (doesn’t work flawlessly with dual SIM: it switches on data for the SIM in the 1st slot)
  • when you go to a location where cell towers are found that are linked to a previously known Wifi connection, the app turns on Wifi (and when connected to the Wifi network, switches off mobile data)

I love this. It saves battery (only Wifi or mobile data is switched on normally) and I don’t have to think about when to activate mobile data and when I should switch to wifi.

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Thanks for the tip, @OffByOne! I will look at this.
Already learned something through the FAQ:

Google has included by default a new feature in Android to enable “Wi-Fi scanning” to improve location, even if you have setting Wi-Fi off.

WTF. o_O

Beware, there are several “WiFi matic” apps out there. The one on F-Droid would be the one from Carlos Prados.

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Just checked in the About... of the Wi-Fi Matic I use and you’re correct. Thanks for adding the clarification.